Chef Javier Ortega

"I've been dreaming about Spanglish Eats since I was a kid," says Chef Javier. "Now that I finally have my own catering company, I get the privilege to share my favorite home-style American and Latino dishes with others. I have the best job EVER!"
Spanglish Eats empanadas
Torrey Gardens Cafe. San Diego, CA
Chef and Owner. 1-2 yrs
Spanglish Eats. San Diego, CA
Chef & Owner. 3+ yrs
To The Point Cafe. San Diego, CA
Lead Line Cook. 2-3 yrs
Prep Kitchen. San Diego, CA
Line Cook
Whisknladle. La Jolla, CA
Line Cook
Jersey Boys Diner. Imperial Beach, CA
Lead Line Cook
The Kitchen at the Shores. La Jolla, CA
Lead Line Cook
Cafe 222. San Diego, CA
Line Cook
Papalulu's Catering. San Diego, CA
Menu development
TV/radio guest appearances
Staff training
HACCP trained/certified
Knife skills
Meat butchery
Deboning poultry
Food industry consulting
Ingredient sourcing
Spanglish Eats is food from the heart, made just for you. Our bold blend of home-style American and Latin flavors is sure to entice and impress even the most discerning palate.
Chef Javier Ortega
Chef Javier Ortega
San Diego, CA
United States

Spanglish Eats LLC
Chef & Owner

I was born and raised in Corona, New York City, a diverse neighborhood in the borough of Queens. The multicultural community helped to shape my ambition for success, no-holds barred personality and a hunger for all things yummy.

I am the first generation off-spring of immigrant parents. A strong sense of pride and work ethics were a matter of fact in the Ortega household. Growing up in an extended bi-lingual family there was always a reason to entertain and most importantly COOK!! There was never a shortage of deliciousness at my family gatherings (which happened quite often). Very early in my childhood, I found myself following my appetite and nose to the heart of all cooking households - the kitchen - the center of all things tasty and comforting (mom included). What started out as hunger and curiosity quickly developed into practice, participation, and a profound respect for my family's ability to feed an army.

I finally decided to pursue my passion for food and hospitality full-time in 2007 when my wife Krista and I moved to San Diego. Since then, I've fast tracked my career and have cooked for seven different restaurants and catering companies learning different styles and flavor profiles from each and incorporating them into my brand of food. Spanglish Eats is my vision of the best home-style American and Latino dishes.

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