Chef Mimi

Celebrity Chef

I believe in fresh farm to table foods, that is inspired by ones culture. I LOVE bold flavors that speak and dance in my mouth. I also love the connection that we all share. Food is a universal language! Chef Mimi!
Nothing better than jumbo shrimp with my fav freshly made guacamole. Yummy! Simple, healthy, tasty!
Urban Food Experience. San Francisco, CA (Bay Area)
Founder / Executive Producer / Chef
Food industry consulting
Ingredient sourcing
BOH operations
HACCP trained/certified
TV/radio guest appearances
food and technology
food blogging and social media
catering owner/operator
executive chef
Chef Mimi
Chef Mimi
Emeryville, CA
United States

Urban Food Experience
Founder / Executive Producer / Chef

Wow my career, I am a 1995 graduate of SF california Culinary Arts Academy, Le Cordon Bleu. I have worked from executive chef for Willy Maze restaurants to running my own catering biz etc etc etc. Within the last year I have started a media co. and created Urban Food Experience, an online website that supports chefs, restaurants etc. from an urban perspective. I also work in public health as an advocate for women and families to create healthier meals.