Christopher Logan

Food should be simple, easy to understand, with all the flavor that could possibly be there at that one moment. Have fun with what you do, laugh often, enjoy the moment and always push the limits. There are so many different ways to do something, make it your own.
Seared fresh Sea Scallop and Half Moon Bay Scallop simply seasoned with sea salt and enhanced with a lemon vinaigrette and lemon aioli.
Culinary Institute of America. Hyde Park, NY
AOS Culinary Arts
Rapscallion Seafood House and Bar. Irwindale, Ca, Reno Nv
Executive Chef
Santa Anita Race Track. Arcadia, CA
Execuitve Chef
Del Mar Race Track. Del Mar, CA
Executive Chef
Blue Coral Seafood and Spirits. Newport Beach, CA
Corporate Chef/ Director of Culinary Operations
Pechanga Resort and Casino. Temecula, CA
Director of Culinary Operations/Executive Chef
Creative Flavors Catering. Carlsbad, CA
Kitchen management
Ingredient sourcing
Food/menu costing
Inventory control
BOH operations
Fish butchery
Food industry consulting
Labor cost management
Time management
Product ordering
Meat butchery
Menu development
Inventory control
Hot line cookery
Deboning poultry
Food sanitation
I like things that tend to blend everything together, one bite that leads to another and at the end of it all, you are just happy. I love it all, from the start of a meal to the finish and still at this point in my career, if I don't know how to do something, I go and find out how, play around, see how it works, how the flavors, textures, all of it come into play until I make it my own.

  • The Collaboration Kitchen class, fun was had by all.

  • Cooking up some great U-12's with flavors for day's.

  • Local yellowtail with some different things to bring out the flavors.

  • Wild white mexican prawns out of Baja.

  • Cooking up some wild Sock Eye Salmon
  • 6 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze out of 8 medal rounds, Iron Chef style ACF rules competition, 2010
  • Presidents Trophy "ACF" Califorina Culinary Salon, 1992
  • Ann Taylor, New York
  • West Wireless Health
  • Aspirations School of Learning
  • Gary and Mary West Foundation
  • The Prescott Companies
  • Sprott Global
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • Scripps Air
  • Ann Taylor, New York
  • West Wireless Health
  • Aspirations School of Learning
  • Gary and Mary West Foundation
  • The Prescott Companies
  • Sprott Global
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • Scripps Air
We've were lucky enough to win a sunset yacht cruise, catered by Chef Logan, at a charity event. What luck!! Our sunset cruise was horrendous, but the food saved the day. Since then we've had him come cater a couple of small dinners at our home in Pt. Loma. His food is amazing. There is a level of refinement which is on par with the nicest restaurants in San Diego (or anywhere for that matter). He caters to what you are looking for and has no problem adjusting to specific needs. He has a great knack for pairing wine with food. And like another poster mentioned, he is friendly and has a great positive attitude (even when the stove in your kitchen is acting up, as was the case at my house). I've loved all of his courses he's made for us (we've had around 12-14 different dishes), and they've varied from classic french (cassoulet) to asian fusion, and all have been delicious. And his desserts have been knockouts each time.
- Andy Weisse

I've been on the receiving end of Chef Logan's culinary creations three separate times and have never had a problem finishing everything on my plates and wanting more. I think my favorite thing about his work is that he not only does a great job with the main courses, but he makes truly remarkable desserts too. His presentation is always appealling and he does a great job introducing items that you wouldn't ordinarily find in a catered meal, for example, Hawaiian sea salt and 18 year aged balsamic. I'm actually craving some of his cooking right now.
- Jen W. Food and Beverage Director

Wow! Can not recommend this business high enough. The Chef got it right when he named the business "Creative Flavors". We had a beautiful intimate dinner party for 12. Each course out did the last. He planned and communicated well before the party and even accommodated several food allergies with a big smile on his face. (Not true of all Chefs or catering establishments.) The night was perfect, the food was truly amazing. For dessert he suggested little "bites" of different things smores, little cheescakes, nut squares, etc. Everything was PERFECT and the guests are still raving. Everyone asked for his number. An evening does not get any better than this. Thanks Chef Logan!
- Tori O'Hara

We attended a wedding in WA this past summer, and the food that he prepared was incredible! We had salmon, prime rib, salads, and on and on. Thank you for considering his food. You won't be sorry.
- Andrea Donaldson, Highlands Ranch, CO

Wow, the food that we have tried prepared by Chris Logan was simply the best. The dishes are unique, filled with scrumptious flavors as well as always appealing to the eye. Once you have tasted his food, you will be talking about it for weeks to come!
- Jolene Davidson, Market Manager, North San Diego Market

Dear Chef Logan, Just a note to thank you so very much for the amazing dinner party you helped us put on for our friends recently! Everyone is STILL raving about the wonderful culinary experience they enjoyed in our home that evening. It was such a pleasure to work with you to create our menu. Your knowledge, creativity, flexibility, and familiarity with color, texture, and taste truly made for a unique presentation of food. I also appreciate how you went above and beyond in seeking out extra special and unique ingredients that were "eye popping" touches to each course! We look forward to working with you again. I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone looking to create a one of a kind and unforgettable culinary event! Best wishes for much success always!
- Stephannie Barrack

On November 7, 2010, my wife and I renewed our wedding vows. We held a party at our home and had it catered by Creative Flavorings Catering. The food was beyond excellent. Each dish was masterfully created and presented by Chef Chris Logan. He is the consummate professional. He is a pleasure to work with and his staff was wonderful. This was a very special day in our lives and Chef Chris Logan helped make it perfect.
- Sandi and Bruce Meyer

Christopher Logan
Christopher Logan
Carlsbad, CA
United States

Creative Flavors Catering

I first starting cooking when my grandfather showed me the proper way to make scrambled eggs and bacon, whisking the eggs with a fork until the were just right and crisping the bacon until it was perfect.

My first job was as a pot washer the day I turned 16 in a very busy family restaurant, from there, prep cook, line cook at a busier two restaurant with one kitchen but twice as many waitresses, lead line cook and trainer then off to culinary school, where I worked three jobs and partied like there was no tomorrow.  The food, the chef's that taught at the Culinary Institute at that time, the other people there, I had never been in that type of environment or done the well in school since I was a kid, I remembered every class, lecture, recipe and I just loved what I was doing, and I have ever since. Having grown up in New York and just wanting to see everything, I made my way to the west, first stop in Las Vegas where I lost everything and didn't get the job that I had been offered because the F&B director was on permanent vacation so I worked for my roommate in schools family restaurant in Mojave as whatever he needed for a couple of weeks to save up a few hundred dollars and then off to Reno, Nevada, dead of winter, no job, nowhere to live and not knowing anyone, but had heard that they were opening a new MGM Grand there but that wasn't happening for another 3 months, got a job flipping eggs which I had never done before in a$.99 cent casino coffee shop and from there, the rest is history.

I have worked for a number of French chef's, German chef, Italian chef, with numerous kitchen staff from all over the world that always shared their versions of their countries flavors whenever it was time for family meals and I always was so amazed at the flavors, so simple, so different, but always so satisfying.  Everything has helped shape my professional outlook, my cooking pallet, everyone that has allowed me the pleasure of sharing my passion and theirs, it all goes into the pot and hopefully something wonderful comes out in the end.

I believe that if you do what you love, fantastic things will and do happen. I have been very lucky in finding something that has even to this day been my passion and with still so much to do and learn what a ride and I wouldn't trade it of anything. This life isn't for everyone, but what a life.