David Haydon

I strive to create dishes that have big flavors, consistency, presentation with local fresh ingredients. It is very important to me that this all fits with my market and price points.
Tortellini filled with Porcini mushrooms and black truffle
La Petite Auberge. San Rafael, CA
Spinaker Restaurant. Sausalito CA.
La Trattoria. San Rafael, CA
Sauté Chef
Cafe Ristorante Italia. San Rafael, CA
Il Davide. San Rafael
Executive Chef/ Owner
BOH operations
Food/menu costing
Food sanitation
Food styling
Labor cost management
Menu development
Safe food handling
Knife skills
TV/radio guest appearances
Homemade pasta
Hot line cookery
Kitchen management
Catering management
Event Coordinator
My style of cooking is Northern Italian influenced by local ingredients.
David Haydon
David Haydon
San Rafael, CA
United States

Il Davide
Executive Chef/ Owner

It was 35 years ago when I walked into a restaurant kitchen.  I remember the smells of stocks and soups reducing, and watching the busy, focused crew ready themselves for dinner service.  I was placed in a small scullery area to peel carrots – 50 lb. sacks! Looking around as I peeled I wondered, how did all this work?  I definitely wanted to learn more. I had been working since I was 15 at various jobs, including paperboy, construction, painter, and gas station attendant, but this was different. I felt an excitement and curiosity I had never felt before. Was this going to be something important in my life?             I was hired to wash dishes at one of the most respected and busiest French restaurants in the bay area, La Petit Auberge in San Rafael, California.  As I washed the scalding hot pots and scrubbed the caked on food pans at a furious pace and under pressure to keep up with the service, I realized this was heaven for me and I was in the right place.  My journey was launched into one of the most exciting, unpredictable, baffling and difficult businesses.             I worked my way up the kitchen ladder at various restaurants and eventually chose my favorite italian cuisine to focus on.  At the age of 23, I opened my first restaurant, Café Ristorante Italia, as a junior partner. Seven years later, going solo, Il Davide was born.