Denise Portillo

Create a gourmet comfort whole food that feeds the mind, body and soul.
Roast chicken with root vegetables.
Forkin good. Whittier ca
Executive Chef/ Owner
Le cordon bleu. Pasadena ca
Culinary arts
Forkin Good Cafe. Whittier
Executive Chef/ Owner
TV/radio guest appearances
Nestle so, jif
Cookbook, recipes for magazines
Food industry consulting
Forkin good
Ingredient sourcing
Food/menu costing
Competition judging
Kitchen management
My own cafe
Denise Portillo
Denise Portillo
Whittier, CA
United States

Forkin good
Executive chef

With a degree in Culinary arts in the most popular,
Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Denise Portillo has devoted her
life to mastering the art of cooking and delivering a
mouth-watering, healthy and wholesome cuisine. She
specializes in presentation and has a passion in
educating her followers on not only creating healthy
meals but creating a healthy lifestyle.
Named Culinary Woman of The Year by the National
Latina Business Women Association, Los Angeles in 2010,
Chef Portillo was featured on CBS ‘The Talk’ as a ‘singlemother
entrepreneur’ and accompanied Anne Burrell in
Food Networks, ‘Chef Wanted’. KTLA Live also had the
pleasure of interviewing the chef and is a repeat
participant in Indulge LA Chocolate Festival. Aside from
being a widely recognized chef, Ms. Portillo is a
knowledgable Reiki Energy Healer and provides Guided
Meditation Services along with stress management. She
believes that your body is a temple and you should not
only watch what you eat but also love yourself and always
be in a positive state.