Eric Harland

My cooking style is a matrix of all things smoke with a touch of meat, cross that with the influences of Asian and Brazilian style flavors, then layer it with the concepts of Molecular Gastronomy. Again a MATRIX, the food on your plate will never look or taste same, and there is no red or blue pill
Crispy Smoked Bourbon Maple PorkBelly with Carmel Succotash
DoubleTree Hotel. Overland Park, KS
Kitchen Crew
Kansas State University. Manhattan, KS
BS Finance & Investments
Baker University. Baldwin City, KS
MBA; New Venture Management
MadPig BBQ. Olathe, KS
Pit Master
Evolv Solutions, LLC.. Overland Park, KS
Vice President
TV/radio guest appearances
Food Venture Development
Personal/Chef Website Development
BBQ Pit Master
Sous-Vide Experimintation
Molecular Gastronomy
Food/menu costing
Competition judging
Test Kitchen Development
Meat, Smoke, Salt, Pepper...with a blend touch of Molecular Gastronomy to keep you on the edge of your seat. You never know what I will mix together but you can bet its uniquely good.
Founder - MadPig
Co-Founder - MadPig BBQ
  • 2015 2nd Place Chefs Roll Guac'n'Roll Recipe Contest
  • 2014 World Food Championships Bacon Category
  • 2014 3rd Place Kenmore Bacon Recipe - World Food Championship Entry
  • 2013 2nd Place Best Sauce - Prairie Band Casino
  • 2012 2nd Place Sausage - Wheels & Squeels BBQ Contest
  • 2012 2nd Place Chicken - Wheels & Squeels BBQ Contest
  • 2012 3rd Place Chicken - Truman Heritage BBQ Contest
  • 2012 2nd Place Chicken - Cooking on the Creek BBQ Contest
  • 2009 Best Side Dish - Southern Food Cook Contest
  • 2010 People's Choice Award - Southern Food Cook Contest
  • 2009 People's Choice Award - Southern Food Cook Contest
World Food Championships - Bacon
American Grilled - Travel Channel
  • Jack & Jill of America
  • Rufus Teague
  • Jack & Jill of America
  • Rufus Teague
Eric Harland
Eric Harland
Olathe, KS
United States


Eric Harland, Kansas City native and World Food Championship newcomer has been trailblazing the competition cooking scene over the past two years. He has been on a quest to craft the perfect chicken recipe.  Eric is known as the “Chicken Purveyor” on his BBQ Team, MadPig BBQ. The slogan says it all…”BBQ So Good It Makes You Mad!”. 

Cooking for Eric has always been a tasty pallet for creativity when it comes to combinations and food fusions, that won't be in any cooking text book.  Eric has mastered the concept of combining "off-the-wall" flavor combinations, for "off-the-chain" tastes.  With his entry being selected,  allowing him to compete in the 2014 WFC, he will combine all these skills and begin a artistic journey to creating unique Bacon dishes, that will not only be delish! but it will be... "Bacon So Good It Makes You Mad" 

Bacon, its whats for Dinner...and Breakfast, Lunch and that dietary snack in between....