Khaddy Dublin

I travel, I cook, I learn. I strive to make food that not only pleases the taste buds, but is pleasing to the eyes as well.
Une Salade: grapefruit, celery, pistachio, avocado purée, jackfruit seed, spinach, minneola coulis.
The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes. San Diego, California, USA
B.S. Food & Beverage Hospitality Management. < 1 yr
B.S. Culinaty Management. < 1 yr
The International Culinary Schools at the Art Institutes. San Diego, California, USA
A.S. Baking & Pastry. < 1 yr
FFF Enterprises. Fallbrook, California
Private Chef. 3+ yrs
Revived Living. San Diego, California, USA
Brand Developer. 3+ yrs
Northcote Manor. Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Commis de pâtisserie. 3+ yrs
The Clog & Billycock. Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Chef pâtissier. 3+ yrs
United States Navy. San Diego, California, USA
Logistics Specialist 2nd Class (AW). 3+ yrs
BOH operations
Culinary writing
Deboning poultry
Fish butchery
Food sanitation
Food/menu costing
Garde manger/Pantry
HACCP trained/certified
Homemade pasta
Hot line cookery
Inventory control
Kitchen management
Knife skills
Time management
We eat with our eyes first, and I believe that presentation is key. Less is more, and food should be sexy. The first bite should leave every bit of a lasting impression as the final one.
  • Auguste Escoffier Leadership Award The Art Institutes -2015
Khaddy came on board at the launch of Revived Living's bath and body line and played an instrumental role in the creative development. Her ability to take a product I created and paint such a vivid, sensory experience in the client's mind as they were reading the product description was uncanny. She pulls off of all her life experience and training in the arts to offer a fresh perspective, and unique vision that is completely her own. I was fortunate to also experience some of her cooking in this time as well. I have a few food allergies (gluten and dairy), and was such a breath of fresh air to see someone take it as a creative challenge rather than roll their eyes at me, and expect me to eat salad. She was able to create some really beautiful dishes both on the eye and the palate that made me so excited about the possibilities within my restrictions!
- Samantha Schmuck, CEO, Revived Living

Not only is Khaddy a good friend of mine, but we often collaborate on menu ideas for private dinners I hold within my home for my husband's business partners. Khaddy volunteered her time at my husband's birthday party last year, and completely took over my kitchen so I could relax, and focus on the many guests we had that day. Not only did she handle appetizers, but the main dishes, and she even crafted a delicious summertime cocktail, that everyone couldn't get enough of. Our friends and family still can't get over her burgers and how delicious they were. She took on so much responsibility, and she totally did it without me even having to ask. Not only is she an amazing personal chef, but an incredible friend to have.
- Greta Schmidt, Owner, FFF Enterprises

Khaddy is an AMAZING chef. My first opportunity working with Khaddy was last year for a fundraiser that I was hosting to benefit Rady's Children's Hospital. Khaddy was hired to create over 200 innovative desserts and boy did she deliver. Her desserts not only tasted fabulous, but the presentation was something out of a fine, European restaurant. Not only did she exceed my expectations, but I must say we had an issue with the caterer that evening meaning they did not show up. As you can imagine, the stress level knowing 200 people were showing up and there was no food! I quickly leaned on Khaddy and she completely took charge, and came up with innovative ways to compensate. Until this day, no one even realized that the hired caterer did not show up. I say this because not only is her food amazing, but she is a solid human being who works well with others, is fun, professional, and reliable. I highly recommend Khaddy. She is truly AMAZING all around.
- Nate Yrigoyen, Owner & Principal, Nate Nathanson Interior Designs

I have been one of the lucky ones to peek into the mind of a chef. In the little time I have known Khaddy, she has blown me away with her constant thoughts of food. Her food resembles her avid worldly travels and entices your hunger. With her attention to delicate detail, from charred things, to foam, Chef Khaddy aims to please your eyes and soothe your tasted buds. Chef’s repertoire is endless and her hunger for constant knowledge keeps her above the basic. She challenges herself constantly and anytime she describes a dish to me, it is done in such a way that I can picture/almost taste it, and hope that I am the test dummy to get to try it!
- Nikki Austria, Culinary Storeroom Clerk, The Art Institutes of San Diego, California

The rice cake was perfect. My aunts said it wasn't too sweet. It was phenomenal. Thank you so much.
- Mark Gular, CEO, Shocker Marketing

Khaddy Dublin
Khaddy Dublin
San Diego, CA
United States

FFF Enterprises
Private Chef

Since I was young, my mother insisted on bringing me to any place around the world she fancied travelling, which sparked my wanderlust. At the age of 11, she sent me back to the Philippines to learn the "old ways." I spent one year in a coastal village as well as the jungles and one year at an international school in the capital city of Manila. During my time in the rural province I learned the primitive ways of how to fish, how to grow plants, how to forage in the jungle, and how to build a hut, and the many uses of a coconut tree. 

When I grew into an adult, I rebelled against traditional university, and wanted to explore more of the world. It led me to my journey with the United States Navy. I was attached to the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan. I had seen two deployments, one of which consisted witnessing the devastation of parts of Japan due to the 2011 tsunami. My squadron, HSC-4 was the first responder. My time in the Navy filled my lust for travel, and every country I had been, I explored to my full capability. I got a blessing from a monk in Thailand, dove into an oasis in Dubai, explored ancient ruins in Bahrain, and visited the oldest monastery in Hong Kong, all the while tasting foods I had never come across in my predominantly western upbringing. After my deployments I fell into my hobby of cooking. Upon my honourable discharge from service I enrolled straight away at The Art Institutes of California-San Diego and pursued my baccalaureate in Culinary Management. 

In my second year of university, I persistently implored my academic director, Chef Mark Blaauboer to allow me to do my externship requirement abroad. No one had done it before, and "no" was simply an option that I could not accept. I spent the year prior preparing and saving, and finally I found myself back in Europe officially starting my culinary training at a Michelin star restaurant in the beautiful Ribble Valley in Lancashire, England. I trained under British celebrity chef Nigel Haworth who is the chef patron of a remodelled Victorian mansion now a luxury chateau called Northcote Manor. During my time there, Head Chef Lisa Allen (featured in Great British Chefs and appeared in Great British Menu) suggested that I had what it takes to run the pastry station at one of the best pubs in Blackburn, called The Clog & Billycock, which was awarded with an AA Rosette and featured in Times' 25 Best Places for Sunday Lunch (in the whole United Kingdom). 

As I come to the culmination of my studies, I hope to embark on another adventure which will lead me to many more foreign locales, where I can immerse myself in local cultures and eat exotic fare. As Chef Andrew Zimmern always says, "if it looks good, eat it."