Marcelo Kenji Hisaki Itaya

Cooking for me is all about respect, philosophy, passion and somenthing else.....that I completely ignore, but you dont need a reason to do it, just keep the hard work and further inspiration!! Not money, either fame.... what I need is to have a great time with my wife and friends! nothing more!!!
poultry abbats véloute with umami and greens
Restaurante Amores. Tecate, Mexico
Executive Chef
Marcelo Kenji Hisaki Itaya
Marcelo Kenji Hisaki Itaya

Restaurante Amores
Executive Chef

I started cooking since i was 6 years old, and I have been doing so until now.
Basically I started working at a professional kitchen in a restaurant at 15 and I wish I'll keep doing it until my last days.
I just cook the way i feel, for me that means that you are true to yourself, and thats all you need. 
Doesnt matter the who, how or what you cook, I think we can feel a true Artisan by the way he smiles,  the way he observes and listen!, even in the way he feels frustrated! just by sharing all those feeling you know its a true passionate looking for the ultimate masterpiece! HAPPINESS!
I dont need people to know about me, but rather just ENJOY what i can share with them!
have a great service time!