Michele Mazza

"I developed a love for food and cooking when I was very young. I was born in a town called Torre del Greco, outside Naples, Italy, where my family owns a lot of bakeries and restaurants. My relationship with the kitchen started when I was 8 years old."
Cooking is my passion.
Trattoria Il Mulino. New York, NY
Executive Chef
Il Mulino New York. New York, NY
Executive Chef
Menu development
Food/menu costing
Homemade pasta
Kitchen management
Fish butchery
Ingredient sourcing
Food styling
Having grown up in Italy, I am most interested in cooking Italian dishes.
  • Trattoria Il Mulino
  • Il Mulino New York
  • Trattoria Il Mulino
  • Il Mulino New York
"Il Mulino is marvelous" - The New York Times "Executive Chef Michele Mazza, who has held his post since 2003, crafted a menu that infuses prized Il Mulino New York flavors. The brunch menu offers a variety of choices from salad, antipasta, pizza and seafood. And while brunch is impeccable, the chic spot--with delicious cuisine from the region of Abruzzo, Italy--makes it a great stop for a Gramercy Park power lunch, too!" - SCENE Magazine on Trattoria Il Mulino.

Michele Mazza
Michele Mazza
New York, NY
United States

Il Mulino New York
Executive Chef

When I was 15 I knew I wanted to follow the steps to deepen my technique and knowledge, so I did 3 years of culinary school in Italy. After school I worked on a prestigious Italian coastal liner for ten years, doing 130 day cruises around the world. This was a very enriching experience, it enhanced my cooking skills with different recipes and variants to cook with.

In 1980, I moved to the US and opened a couple of restaurants of my own, the first one was called Giovanella, then I opened Classico Risorante in Roslyn, New York. Around 18 years ago I started working for Il Mulino New York. Since then, I opened about ten restaurants for Il Mulino New York as Executive Chef. I've been cooking for 35 years and I'm very proud of it, I do it with pleasure and I don't imagine myself doing anything different, I just love it!

- Chef Mazza