Pamela Wanous

One of my favorite things to do is play with chocolate! I enjoy creating new chocolates using Callebaut Belgian Chocolate and local products from artisan small businesses.
Whimsy Chocolates. Battle Ground, WA
Lead Chocolatier/Co-Owner. 3+ yrs
Chocolate work
Candy making
Recipe development
Product ordering
Safe food handling
Staff training
Whimsy Chocolates combines natural ingredients and imaginative recipes for a fanciful sweet that delights the senses.

  • Portland Night Market "Chocolate Confessional"
  • People's Choice Award, 2017, Callebaut Chocolate Heroes Cake Challenge
"Best chocolates ever. Hands down!"
- Lacey Jean

"Exciting and always delicious!!"
- Kimberly Henderson

"The best salted caramels!"
- Gary Morgan

Pamela Wanous
Pamela Wanous
Battle Ground, WA
United States

Whimsy Chocolates
Lead Chocolatier/Co-Owner

Hearkening back to Aunt Vicki's exquisite homemade chocolate confections, I fostered a whimsical notion that grew into an exciting adventure! During my first Christmas Party with my husband's family, everyone couldn't stop talking about Aunt Vicki's chocolates. They all took turns describing their favorites in detail. I wondered if one day, I too, would taste these magical chocolates. 

9 years later, after my daughter was born, I was inspired to create a family legacy that could be passed down from generation to generation. I asked Aunt Vicki if she would share her love of chocolate with me and teach me all that she knew. My mother-in-law, Ann, and I drove to Seattle to get a two day crash course in chocolate tempering, and hand dipping techniques. She not only passed on some of her recipes, she passed on her love of chocolate to both of us! Now, all Ann and I needed was our own equipment. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, my husband sent an email out to his fellow firefighters asking if anyone would like to purchase our handmade chocolates for their wives and husbands. We made more then we needed to purchase our new equipment and gained our first fan club!

Our passion for our community, our love of chocolate and the drive for creating the next fun flavor has made Whimsy Chocolates far more than a business venture. I never knew how exciting the world of chocolate could be!