Rob Forsythe

Photography for me isn't just about capturing a moment that may never be repeatable. It's about capturing an artistic moment in time that will NEVER be repeated.
Epic dish from Foie.King.Epic dinner #2 hosted by Chef Kurt at Kitchen 4140 in San Diego.
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Rob Forsythe
Rob Forsythe
San Diego, CA
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Freelance Photographer
Freelance Photographer

My father was in the Navy when I was growing up. He would of course travel every corner of the globe ensuring my way in America was as free as possible. He was our "Chef de Cuisine", he would bring back memories of his culinary adventures in places such as Sicily, Taiwan. Memories of Hungarian goulash, or such epicurean delights of catfish to the subtle art of sushi. I had a great love of food from an early age.

With his bite for a delectable dish firmly implanted, he would also bring back foreign technologies. I would get his hand-me-down stereos, and... Cameras!

Around 4th grade, my friends father brought him back a "video" camera (8 mm, film, great grainy, real) and we started shooting our "movies", very amateurish and silly, campy "horror" flicks; badly made dummies we'd fling off roofs, pumpkins we'd use for heads, etc... I apparently decided back then that I would rather be behind the camera rather than in front. I like directing people, but I also like capturing un-adulterated, non-posed real life.

Since food, art and myself are so closely connected, the natural progression is to envelope myself into #foodporn.