Rick Higgins

Rick Higgins is a proven Chef with an ability to work quickly, efficiently, and cleanly while maintaining high standards that positively impact sales and profitability while concurrently pursuing his intense passion for soulful, delicious food.
Beef Tartar, Kimchi Aioli, Pickled Mustard Salad, 63º Yolk
The Hungry Peach Cafe. Atlanta, GA
Chef De Cuisine
Buttermilk Kitchen. Atlanta, GA
Chef De Partie/ Station Chef
The Lawrence. Atlanta, GA
Chef De Partie/ Station Chef
Flip Burger Boutique. Atlanta, GA
Chef De Partie/ Station Chef
Jock's - N - Jill's Sports Grill. Atlanta, GA
Chef De Partie/ Station Chef
BOH operations
Deboning poultry
Food sanitation
Food/menu costing
Garde manger/Pantry
Hot line cookery
Ingredient sourcing
Inventory control
Kitchen management
Knife skills
Labor cost management
Menu development
Product ordering
Recipe development
Safe food handling
Rick Higgins
Rick Higgins
Atlanta, GA
United States

Brookhaven Provisions
Executive Chef

Rick’s first restaurant job was at McDonald’s, followed by a short order cook position while attending high school. After serving for four years as an award winning food service specialist in the Marines, Rick spent 6 years managing at Waffle Houses before leaving the Food Industry to pursue a career in information technology. Rick’s love for all things food re-emerged and continued in the form of home cooking, dinner parties, and the occasional catering of friends wedding receptions and private parties. On the heels of the economic downturn of 2008, Rick decided it was time to go back into the professional kitchen, only this time to “get it right”. Rick posted that he wanted to get into a restaurant and work his way up on “eGullet” (a foodie forum on the internet) and was told by another online Atlanta local food lover to walk in to Flip Burger Boutique and speak with either Mark or Jared. So, he did.

Rick lives with his wife Catherine, his 5 year old son Callum Andrew,  their dogs Samwise and Beau, and serve three cats Capt.Jack, Dante, and Fagan.