Ryan Peters

As a young cook, I have a lot of passion and drive, which pushes me every single day. I try to take advantage of and create the best opportunities I can for myself. I am always willing to learn and do whatever it takes to become the chef I want to be
Ocean Reef Club. Key Largo, FL
Sous Chef. 2-3 yrs
Lead Line Cook. 2-3 yrs
Salt of the Earth. Pittsburgh, PA
Chef De Partie/ Station Chef. 1-2 yrs
Culinary Extern. < 1 yr
Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Punxsutawney, Pa
Culinary Student. 1-2 yrs
Hot line cookery
Homemade pasta
Menu development
Time management
Knife skills
Garde manger/Pantry
Food sanitation
Deboning poultry
Fish butchery
Food/menu costing
Kitchen management
Labor cost management
Meat butchery
Product ordering
My cooking style is still ever evolving and coming into its own. I've been fortunate enough to work under some amazing chefs, who have made a huge impact on my career. I try to always highlight great vegetable in all my dishes and also try to use everything I know to create the best experience possible.
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters
Key Largo, FL
United States

Ocean Reef Club
Sous Chef

I was born in and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. Since a young age, I've known this is what I've wanted to do. So with this long term goal in mind, I attended my high school vocational school for Culinary Arts. Upon graduation of high school, I attended IUP Academy of Culinary Arts to further my culinary education. After an intense culinary program, I went on to my externship at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, FL. I worked one full season and decided to try something new. I decided to move to Pittsburgh, PA where I took a line cook position at the former Salt of the Earth under James Beard Nominated Chef Kevin Sousa. It was here where my career began to blossom. I worked my up from garde manger at Salt to eventually lead Line Cook. It was a job that pushed me and taught me so much. After a little over a year, I decided to return to Ocean Reef. Once back, with my new knowledge from Salt of the Earth, I was able to use these skills to excel quickly. I returned as a Cook 2, and was quickly promoted to a Cook 1. After about a year, I was again promoted to Sous Chef, where I currently stand.