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Anne Stephenson

Food inspires and tells a story. I love to collaborate, experiment and push the limits, all within budget and time frame. The more I learn--industry, chefs, culture, trends, customers, food, history, brand--the more I bring to my writing and photography for my clients.
Guilty pleasures: fries!
Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative. Salt Lake City, Utah
White on Rice Workshop (Todd Porter & Diane Cu). CA
Suzy Eaton Designs. Salt Lake City Utah
Assistant to Stylist
The Art Institute of Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City, Utah
Bachelor of Science Digital Photography
Mount Mary University. Milwaukee, WI
Bachelor of Science Writing & Chemistry
Food photography
Culinary writing
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers)
  • Monumental Photography Exhibit 2009, Colorado
  • Chef Katie Weinner
  • La Nay Ferme biodynamic farm
  • Chef Katie Weinner
  • La Nay Ferme biodynamic farm
"Over the last three years, I have been in search of a top-level photographer to capture quality and beautiful images of my farm. There have been many photographers that I have worked with but Anne is the best we had. Her pictures are stunning, beautiful, and quality and have really helped create a wonderful image of my farm. I recommend her to anyone willing to pay for an excellent photographer."
- Clinton Felsted, Owner, La Nay Ferme

"Anne is a pleasure to work with! She's incredibly professional, and very talented. She was one of a handful of photographers I asked to photograph an event for KUER and she provided some of our best and favorite photographs from the day. She works with minimal instructions and knows just how to approach the type of subject she's working with - I look forward to working with her in the future."
- David Childs, Membership Assistant at KUER 90.1

Anne Stephenson
Anne Stephenson
Salt Lake City, UT
United States

Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative LLC

A successful marketer for many years, Anne recently relaunched her career by going to art school and starting her own business focused on food and special event photography.

While she sees the big picture, Anne has a knack for highlighting those little things that transform the commonplace into something extraordinary. Her work has been cited for exceptional lighting skills and its ability to tell a story. She frequently uses color and texture in her photography, working with natural and studio lighting to bring out the best of her subjects.

Anne likes to play not only with lighting set ups, but food as well. She believes in a collaborative approach and feels it important to understand both sides of the lens. Anne has assisted Suzy Eaton with styling and most recently completed a seminar with the "White on Rice" couple Todd Porter and Diane Cu to learn more about styling. She frequently experiments with food in her own kitchen, exploring ways to make it taste and look more delicious. 

While in art school, Anne met Chef Katie Weinner who made her feel welcome in the neighboring culinary department. Anne photographed promotional images of the culinary department's classes, chefs, students and dishes. She also photographed at several of Chef Katie's pop-up events that gave her an opportunity to capture elegant food in settings with minimal light, tight spaces, demanding customers, and a fast pace. 

On a personal note, Anne enjoys getting on the glam for fine dining or throwing on her favorite worn gray cut-off sweats to pick vegetables in her garden. Originally from Wisconsin, Anne recently relocated from Colorado to Utah. She's currently enrolled in her local master gardener program to learn more about getting a greener thumb and volunteering in her community.