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Cameron Joseph Cochrane

I want to continue to grow as a chef. I never want to stop learning new things and continue to grow in a field that I love and live for. Food is my passion. I am continuously inspired by what i see around me and want to inspire others as well.
T.B. Scotts. Corona, CA
prep cook, server, busboy. 3+ yrs
Palm's Hotel and Casino. Las Vegas, NV
server. 3+ yrs
The Sire Bar and Grill. Riverside, CA
Lead Server. 3+ yrs
Mission Inn Hotel. Riverside, CA
Bartender. 3+ yrs
Mission Tobacco Lounge. Riverside, CA
Bar Manager. 3+ yrs
Arts Bar and Grill. Riverside, CA
Bar Manager. 3+ yrs
Canyon Crest Country Club. Riverside, CA
Lead Line Cook. 3+ yrs
BOH operations
Time management
Kitchen management
Safe food handling
Staff training
Safe food handling
Product ordering
Food sanitation
Food/menu costing
Inventory control
Knife skills
Recipe development
Labor cost management
Hot line cookery
Food styling
Cameron Joseph Cochrane
Cameron Joseph Cochrane
Riverside, CA
United States

Canyon Crest Country Club
Lead line cook

 I had no idea that i would fall in love with the food industry. I worked as a janitor, painter, electrician, music teacher, and ran my own detail business. All of which was a paycheck. That was it, just a paycheck! I soon realized i loved being around people and food. So I looked for something else and landed my first job at Carrow's restaurant as a busboy.

I worked as a busboy for less than six months before being promoted to server. I was thrilled to be around people all day that where going to a place where I could make a small difference in their lives for a hour or so. I would ring in food and rush back to the kitchen every chance I got to see the line cooks do their magic. I asked questions so much they had to limit me to five questions per shift. I always found myself in the BOH. 

Being a server was a good job for me at the time. You get to take home cash every shift, meet new people, and gain relationships throughout. Yet I knew I didn't want to make serving tables my career. So I applied for culinary school. Seven times to be exact. I waited for over three years trying to get into the program at Riverside Community College. Finally destiny set in and I was accepted. When I started school, I knew I needed to get a BOH position. I was hired as a dishwasher. Promoted to prep cook in two weeks. Promoted to line cook within a month. I serve breakfast and lunch. I make the special of the day, the soup of the day. I make chili from scratch. I make banquet menus. I really enjoy the creativity. I am really thankful for the opportunity that I have been given here at Canyon Crest and I am looking forward to moving to the next level in my culinary journey.