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Chef Marian

Culinary Writer, Food Consultant, Critic, Author, Blogger, Speaker, Teacher. Traveled the world for 3 years, ate in Michelin Star Restaurants, cooked in kitchens and have a great idea for a Show not on the air. Seeking Sponsors. Created a Foundation: No-Face-Goes-Un-Fed' to end hunger in San Diego.
ServSafe. San Diego
Cordeillan-Bages. Pauillac
The Blue Elephant. Bangkok
Food industry consulting
Food styling
Food sanitation
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Chef Marian
Chef Marian
San Diego, CA
United States

Chef Marian's Kitchen
Inside Circle/CEO & Founder

Chef Marian has followed her cooking passion for over a decade, in charge of orchestrating major fundraisers, cooking for people in their homes, and has traveled the world taking cooking classes in France, Thailand and Australia. In both Bordeaux (France) and Firenze or Florence (Italy) she has cooked in restaurants with chefs, expanding her knowledge. As she made her way across France from Reims(Champagne) to Nuit St. George to Paulliac to Bordeaux, she enjoyed the tasting rooms and the knowledge gained.

As a member of The American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF), she has hosted a major fundraiser, with chefs outside teaching grilling and inside showing how to make fun food. She hosted a cooking website teaching people how to cook and pair wine in Los Angeles and is eager to continue that tradition online enjoying the things she creates best: cooking classes, wine dinners, and videos of her cooking webcasts. Climb aboard! It’s going to be a great ride!

The brand is both a brand and a blog that presents recipes, ideas for food, rants and raves about Food, Cooking and Restaurants. Chef Marian has created San Diego Foodies on, is Organizer for Encinitas Chop and Sip on and sits in a Corporation called Inside Circle. Inside Circle produces Cooking Shows, Food & Wine Tasting Dinners and Special Events.