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Claudia Yvette Sandoval

Winner of MasterChef Season 6: Claudia's Cocina is about encapsulating the flavors known to Mexico and presenting them in unorthodox and creatively artistic ways. Pushing the boundaries of what Mexican flavors are supposed to look like and elevating the mexican culinary form.
Cordon Bleu a la Mexicana, with sauteed chayote and red cabbage and a chipotle cream sauce.
Master Chef. Los Angeles, CA
Culinary Student
Food photography
Culinary writing
Safe food handling
Time management
Hot line cookery
Recipe development
Knife skills
Cake/pastry decorating
Deboning poultry
Claudia Yvette Sandoval
Claudia Yvette Sandoval
San Diego, CA
United States

Claudia's Cocina
Executive Chef

I come from very humble beginnings being raised by a single mom and grandmother who taught me how to cook from a young age. Food to me is the foundation of love and passion. An oasis, at which the trouble of life simply melts away in comfort. 
When I auditioned for Master Chef, I honestly never thought I would even make it on the show, now I am a contestant on a Primetime Hit TV series and it is all, very surreal. While the culinary boot camp that is Master Chef is incomparable, I am looking forward to growing as a cook, and learning from those who have shaped the way and pushed the envelope in this gastronomical realm.

Before deciding to pursue my passion with food, I did many jobs that I have been good at but that didn't satisfy my need for cuts, yelling, pressure, and immeasurable amounts of sweat. Oh sweet pain, how I love thee.

Some of those jobs included, managing front of house operations for a number of very small casual restaurants and doing accounting for some heavier weighted dining establishments, as well as menu development and restaurant branding and social media advertising. 

As the current General Manager "Head Honcho" of Instagrammers San Diego, I was able to build an online community that set TWO world records in 2013. So I love social media! Sue me! 

I also author’s the chronicles of single motherhood in my blog called “The Adventures of Single Latina Mama” and also ghost write and develop recipes for a number of culinary blogs. 

I was born and raised in Sunny San Diego but my family is originally from Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Hence why my culinary ventures lean more toward seafood.  
I live with my 9 year-old in La Mesa, and spend my minimal downtime with my parents and horses at our Ranch.