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David Lessin

Four Bricks blends Americana classics with contemporary culinary techniques and impeccable service. It is our honor and pleasure to host you through your experience.
Braised Duck and Herb Pomme Frites
Made For Chefs Throwdown: Made For Chefs Throwdown. Prep and Cook on site with a Mystery basket provided by local vendors while you have 100 local hungry people watching you. A chance to be creative outside your element and represent your restaurant at the same time .
The Bazaar By Jose Andres. Beverly Hills
Line Cook
BOH operations
Deboning poultry
Fish butchery
Food sanitation
Food styling
Homemade pasta
Recipe development
Product ordering
Menu development
Knife skills
Kitchen management
Hot line cookery
Staff training
David Lessin
David Lessin
Whittier, CA
United States

Four Bricks
Executive Chef

         Most can view food for a solely utilitarian purpose. I can understand why. Growing up in Whittier, Ca, a small "burb" out on the far east side of LA, there wasn't much dining to be had. A few diners and local spots but nothing "fun". It was the same old same old. My aunt on the other hand, would make food, and take us to places, that would have you thinking and longing for that experience again. She made me fall in love with food.
          Food is not just eating. Food is the whole encompassing experience. Arriving, smelling, conversing, discovering. The experience around food can be so many things. It can teach somebody creativity, and patience. It can form leaders, engineers, and forward thinkers.
         I had worked in a restaurant for a few years before I realized, this is what I want to do. I wanted to be good at this and be able to pass this on like it was passed on to me. I work everyday to become better and stay progressive in this field. I put myself around people that understand that and we support each other in the common goal.