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Dorian Southall

I believe that every meal is a celebration and hope my excitement and enjoyment of creating spectacular meals for family and friends is contagious. I have a constant curiosity for the culinary world and find inspiration in fresh local ingredients. Creativity comes easy when food is the star.
house cured salmon pastrami, whole grain mustard, quick pickle of herbs, garden vegetables and chili
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The Canterbury Senior Living. Los Angeles, CC
Executive Chef. 1-2 yrs
Scratch Test Kitchen Consulting/R&D. Los Angeles, CC
Executive Chef/ Owner. 3+ yrs
Crescent Hotels and Resorts. Los Angeles, CA
Executive Chef. 2-3 yrs
Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club. Redondo Beach, CA
Executive Banquet Chef. 2-3 yrs
Ivy Hotel. San Diego, CA
Executive Sous Chef. 2-3 yrs
U.S. Grant Hotel. San Diego, CA
Sous Chef. 1-2 yrs
Manchester Grand Hyatt. San Diego, CA
Sous Chef. 2-3 yrs
Chart House Restaruant. San Diego, CA
Assistant Kitchen Manager. 3+ yrs
United States Marine Corps. San Diego, CA
Corporal. 3+ yrs
Hotel/Resort - BOH operations
SOP Development and Implementation
Recipe Development
Team Leadership / Motivator
Menu Creativity and Development
Business Strategy Development
Banquet Operations
Staff Training
Labor Control
Food Cost Management
Food/Menu Costing
Ingredient Sourcing
Food sanitation/Safe Food Handling
Farm to Table
LAX Coastal, December 2013, Simply Delicious
Hotel F&B, January 2012, On the Move
Club & Resort Business, December 2010, Portofino Hotel & Yacht Club Adds to Catering Department
Dorian Southall
Dorian Southall
Los Angeles, CA
United States

Scratch Test Kitchen
Executive Chef/ Owner

I'm a native of Los Angeles, and was lured into the culinary world at an early age, by my passion for appreciating, creating and sharing good food.  After high school, I joined the United States Marine Corps, where I honed my expertise and quickly rose in rank to Lead Line Corporal - this is where my passion to serve others outstanding food was ignited.  In the years since, I've worked under influential culinary leaders who helped me shape my skills and add to my depth of knowledge as I began to develop my own unique style and flair. 

I've held increasingly challenging positions with high-end boutique hotels such as the U.S. Grant Hotel, The Ivy Hotel, and The Portofino Hotel and Yacht Club.  After returning to Los Angeles, I was soon appointed Executive Chef of the Four Points by Sheraton Los Angeles International Airport. 

My c
ulinary philosophy is shaped by my life philosophy. Strong family ties lead to strong communities, and appreciation and passion for good food help hold families and communities together.  As a chef, I feel a responsibility to promote local cuisine and work within communities to seek the finest in regional and local produce and ingredients. The essence of my approach to cooking is to go straight to the food source. My preference is to allow the natural flavors of food speak for themselves. I believe that cooking and dinning are an overlooked part of life, and I love nothing more than to see people to sit back, relax and enjoy the food I serve them. As much time and effort goes into making good food, I take great pleasure in seeing diners take the time to savor my creations.

In addition to continuing to further my craft, I'm also driven to inspire younger chefs and guide them to discover their own talents in the same way that I was encouraged. I'm proud to be a respected leader who is successful in motivating and developing his staff to help ensure they accomplish both personal and professional goals.  I believe whole-heartedly in staying active, continuously learning and always having fun.