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G & G Goodfellows Ltd

Hi there! We are G & G Goodfellows - home of sexy plates and incredible food photography!
Salmon, Garlic Buttermilk, Pollen & Soft Herbs - dish by Daniel Watkins, plate by us!
Portfolio 3. UK
Released 2016
Goodf Guide 2nd Edition. UK
Released 2015
Portfolio 2. UK
Released 2014
Goodf Guide 1st Edition. UK
Released 2013
Portfolio 1. UK
Released 2012
Goodfellows Showroom. Baker Street, London
Opened 2012
G & G Goodfellows Ltd. Durham/London
Set up Business in 2012
Light Equipment
Chef Knives
Chef Jackets
Chef Gadgets
Restaurant Concepts
Bespoke Products
G & G Goodfellows Ltd
G & G Goodfellows Ltd
0844 334 5232
United Kingdom

G & G Goodfellows Ltd

Well hello there and thank you for finding us!

We are the home of sexy plates! Our tableware collections intend to offer originality and functionality at great prices. And of course, we don’t just do amazing plates, we can kit out your kitchen with light equipment, garner you with the latest gadgets and even dress you in great chef jackets. 

If you’d rather ponder over our brochures, get in touch and we will happily send them out to you! We promise, they are packed full of lots of incredible things!

We hope you’ve seen enough to convince you that we are no ordinary business. Like you, we aim to be the best.

We want to work with you, so if you like what you see, get in touch, just give us a call on 0833 334 5232 or email sales@goodf.co.uk