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Harvey Trollope

I have a desire to cook food that says to others what food says to me. Simple, good honest British food. Seasonal, unpretentious and based on tradition. Rediscovering forgotten British recipes and letting the ingredients speak for themselves.
La Palme d'Or**, Martinez Hotel. Cannes, France
Commis Chef
La Mere Brazier. Lyon, France
Demi-Chef de Partie
Leon de Lyon**. Lyon, France
Chef De Partie
Enoteca Rossini*. Florence, Italy
Chef de Partie then Sous Chef
Marco Pierre White, Wheelers of St.James. London
Sous Chef then Head Chef
Ritz Hotel. London
Premier Sous Chef
Food/menu costing
HACCP trained/certified
Kitchen management
Labor cost management
Staff training
Inventory control
BOH operations
P&L management
Product ordering
Menu development
Time management
I like to cook food that looks like what it is, food that evokes an appetite and a sense of curiosity. Good, honest cooking that focuses on the produce.
Harvey Trollope
Harvey Trollope
United Kingdom

Harvey's British Eatery
Founder / Chef

I always had a fascination with food from an early age, and it was something that always interested me. When I was 16 I did some work experience at the Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset. From the first day I was in the kitchen in chef whites I loved the rush, the discipline, the pressure to produce dishes in a short amount of time. The whole creative process that went on behind the swinging doors, and the fact that on the other side of those doors people sat, oblivious to what was going on, looking forward to satisfying their appetites.

After leaving school I worked as a waiter, barman, kitchen porter, any way I could to get near a kitchen. I went on to do a BA in Fine Art, but throughout my studies worked as a commis chef to learn what I could, where I could. After finishing my degree I knew that cooking was all I had ever wanted to do. I continued to work in London after graduating until I was advised to go to France to perfect my skills. So that's what I did. I spent 4 years in France, at first in Cannes, then in Lyon. I then set my sights on Italy where I worked for 2 years before returning back to London.

The fundamental role of food in these two countries' everyday life stayed with me, and made me even more eager to come home to my roots and promote British cooking.