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Holly Verbeck

Overworked, underpaid chefs who dream of starting & running their own business rely on my expertise to guide them from dreaming to doing, to profitability & scaling. I don't just teach-my profitable 20+ yr track record owning/operating a private chef biz in Lake Tahoe's known for excellence.
HeyChef! LLC. Lake Tahoe, CA
Director of Staffing. 3+ yrs
Starkey International. Denver, CO
Certified Estate Manager. 1-2 yrs
Vail Corporation. Truckee, CA
HR/Risk Manager. 3+ yrs
Staff training
P&L management
Time management
Holly Verbeck
Holly Verbeck
Truckee, CA
United States

HeyChef! LLC
Director of Operations

I worked corporate HR and Risk Management when I met, fell in love with and married a chef. Because I wanted to be at home with our two kids, I started a business around his talent to ensure he was paid well for his work. That was 20 years ago.

HeyChef! is Lake Tahoe's premiere private chef company; we provide bartenders, baristas, shoppers, servers and private chefs to homes for in-home entertaining that's personal, distinctive and effortless. We boast a talent pool of up to 70 exceptional culinary professionals and set the standard for private service in the region.

In 2015 chefs started asking me to help them grow their business, so now I spend my time overseeing the operations at HeyChef! while providing consultation services and our signature Make Your Business Cook! online educational programs.

I don't cook. I'm tattoo-free, and I'm passionate about elevating the lives and careers of chefs nationwide by helping them build businesses that pay them handsomely for their professional services.