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James Holtslag

The Heart and Trotter’s mission is to provide San Diego with the highest quality, local, sustainable meats & products. We work with sustainable local farms that are dedicated to humanely raising and harvesting their animals. Our meats will never be exposed to hormones, chemicals or antibiotics.
6th Annual Berry Good Night (Berry Dinner): Now in its sixth year, Berry Good Night celebrates local growers, ranchers, and producers, along with championing the ideology of sustainable food. It unites kindred spirits—artisans, food activists, farmers, ranchers, winemakers, brewers, writers, chefs, restaurateurs and dedicated locavores—for an evening of conscious conversation over a sensory sustainable feast.
Heart & Trotter Butcher Shop. San Diego, CA
Boucher (butcher) / Founder
Deboning poultry
Whole animal butchery
Knife skills
James Holtslag
James Holtslag
San Diego, CA
United States

Heart & Trotter Butcher Shop
Boucher (butcher) / Founder

The Heart & Trotter’s co-founders, James Holtslag and Trey Nichols, developed a passion and appreciation for quality food at a young age growing up in Virginia.James spent his childhood hunting and fishing with his parents who taught him to respect the animals and waste nothing. Trey held just about every position at his father’s restaurant, which taught him work ethic, accountability, and strong family values. The two met in college in the small town of Farmville, Virginia and later became roommates in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Over the years, they became increasingly frustrated with the lack of establishments providing high quality, local and sustainable meat.  Finally, the two decided enough was enough. After several years working in a corporate structure, James decided to pursue his passion and learn to master the craft of butchery. He contacted the whole animal butcher shop Lindy & Grundy Meats in West Hollywood. As fate would have it L&G was looking for an apprentice, so James spent the next few months commuting from San Diego to L.A. to learn the art of whole animal butchery.