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Javier Plascencia

The charismatic personality of the Tijuana-born Chef Javier Plascencia reflects on his take of Baja Mediterranean cuisine, of which he is a fervent and energetic promoter.
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Bracero Cocina de Raiz. San Diego, CA
Executive Chef/ Owner
Mision 19. Tijuana, MX
Executive Chef/ Owner
Via Mercado. Tijuana, MX
Executive Chef/ Owner
Romesco Baja Med Bistro. San Diego, CA
Executive Chef/ Owner
Erizo Baja Fish House & Market. Tijuana, MX
Executive Chef/ Owner
Finca Altozano. Ensenada, MX
Executive Chef/ Owner
Villa Saverios. Tijuana, MX
Executive Chef/ Owner
Cafe Saverios. Tijuana, MX
Executive Chef/ Owner
San Diego Mesa College. San Diego, CA
Culinary Arts
TV/radio guest appearances
Ingredient sourcing
Fish butchery
Food industry consulting
Food styling
Ingredient sourcing
Kitchen management
Menu development
Baja Mediterranean Cuisine pulls from the fields, orchards, organic and free-range farms on land and sea for its ingredients. Chef Javier has an innate feeling for how the freshest herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, land and sea foods can be mixed and prepared to create completely new, savory experiences.

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Javier Plascencia
Javier Plascencia

Mision 19
Executive Chef/ Owner

The charismatic personality of the Tijuana-born Chef Javier Plascencia reflects on his take of Baja Mediterranean cuisine, of which he is a fervent and energetic promoter.

Baja Mediterranean cuisine obtains its ingredients from the fields, orchards, and farms from both sea and land. Chef Javier Plascencia has an innate talent for selecting the freshest herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and seafood achieving combinations that create completely new flavor experiences.

Chef Plascencia began his career in his family's kitchen, learning and then bending established cooking rules. He studied in Culinary Art Schools in San Diego, CA. and after graduation he worked in a myriad of Hotels and restaurants in the San Diego area, before traveling the world, tasting and exploring every place he visited. In 1989, shortly after getting a good deal of first hand experience in the kitchen, he opened his first restaurant. Today, Javier Plascencia is Chef and owner of multiple restaurants in Baja California, and Southern California. Chef Javier personally supervises each restaurant's warm and inviting design, as well as the kitchen, menus and wine lists.

Chef Javier Plascencia has appeared in publications such as Food Arts, La Buena Mesa, Gourmet Magazine, San Diego Home and Garden, Catadores, Food & Wine, San Diego Magazine, GQ Mexico and as well known international press like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The New Yorker and the Washington Post, as well as various radio and television shows in Mexico and The US.

The Chef has been invited to cook for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mexico's ex Presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon Hinojosa and several other well-known figures in Politics and Entertainment.

His constant interest in promoting his city and state led him to organizing the first installment of the "BAJA CULINARY FEST" in October of 2011. Recognized as one of Tijuana and Baja California's most passionate promoters, he has received prestigious recognition and awards from several organizations, notably the "Award for Tourism Product Diversification" in the "Gastronomy" category, through the "Baja Culinary Fest" that was given to him in the city of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in a ceremony lead by Mexico's President, Felipe Calderon Hinojosa during the Tourism "Tianguis" in 2012.

His restaurant Mision 19 was recently honored at a national level, being recognized as Best New Restaurant at the 2012 Travel+Leisure Magazine Gourmet Awards Mexico.

He works arduously both in Mexico and The United States- appearing in seminars, festivals, conferences, presentations- Fostering the value and use of local ingredients. As a speaker in Mexican and American Universities, he inspires his students to discover tastes and textures in food to create new ways of drawing on each ingredient's maximum potential.

In the summer of 2012, Chef Javier Plascencia undertook a new project: "Finca Altozano" in the Guadalupe Valley, a restaurant-vineyard on a 2 acre plot of land in a privileged area in Ensenada, Baja California.