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Jeffrey Compton

I'm a Southern born chef with a passion for what I do.
Perfectly imperfect
Sunside Catering. Santa Rosa Beach
Executive Chef. 1-2 yrs
Acre. Auburn, AL
Executive Sous Chef. 3+ yrs
Food/menu costing
Meat butchery
Menu development
Staff training
Decorative food work
Kitchen management
Time management
Recipe development
Labor cost management
Food sanitation
Labor cost management
French Cuisine with a Southern Flair!
Jeffrey Compton
Jeffrey Compton
Auburn, AL
United States

Executive Sous Chef

I grew up on the Emerald Coast working a cook at Mcalisters when i was 14. i had a rough past in high school and had to go to a vocational school. that's where i found my love for cooking. from there i learned to love French and Cajun cuisines. each step in my career has been an upgrade from the last. Starting from the bottom to now one of the best restaurants in the south.