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Jeffrey H. Pax

You need the tools my fellow Chefs!!! Viable solutions to improve: Profitability, Productivity, Consistency and Quality thru advanced cooking applications. Truly AMAZING technology that is now part of our industry... Check out YouTube clip at: Jeff Pax Android Combi
BLODGETT Cooking Systems. USA
Corporate Executive Chef, Product Development
RATIONAL. Southeast
Hilton Corporation. Atlanta, GA
Executive Chef
Ritz Carlton. Atlanta, GA
Chef De Cuisine
Hyatt Regency Superdome. New Oleans, LA
Executive Sous Chef
Marriott Resorts. Marco Island, FL
Banquet Chef
Culinary Institute of America. Hyde Park, NY
Culinary writing
Food styling
Food/menu costing
Inventory control
Kitchen management
Knife skills
Labor cost management
Menu development
P&L management
Product ordering
Recipe development
TV/radio guest appearances
Ice Sculpture
Garde Manger Display
Cajun Fusion Cusine
French Creole Cuisine
Jeffrey H. Pax
Jeffrey H. Pax
Atlanta, GA
United States

Blodgett Cooking Systems
Corporate Executive Chef Technology Developmet

Background represents over 25 years of culinary excellence, sales, and culinary development with industry leading companies. Chef Pax is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America with a strong background in gourmet fine dining, banquet production, menu development, Ice Sculpture, and Garde Manger display.

Some culinary accolades include: CIA Culinary Olympic Team, 2 time ACF Gold Medal US Chef’s Open, Sliver Medal Southeastern Food Salon, NBC Atlanta Top Chef Recognition. 

Prior to joining Blodgett Oven Company, Pax headed up Southeast sales and culinary development for Rational USA. Pax’s specialized work in Combination Cooking led him to Blodgett for the advancement of Blodgett Combi. Task and technical focus includes; ease of use, improved cooking methods, product diversity, Hybrid/ HydroVection Cook Systems, Mini Combi, Vent-less cooking, Ergonomic efficiency, Energy Star, Android functionality, SmartTouch interface, menu data base efficiency, and state of the art design to lead the industry. Chef Pax's application development includes; advanced culinary techniques, menu development, advanced banqueting, batch & ala carte cooking, product training, and revolutionary cooking methods to match today's culinary technology that may not have been common practice in yesterday's industry.

Pax attributes his success in life and business through; ethics, integrity, leadership, product knowledge, identifying solutions, customer service, enthusiasm, passion, resilience, ambition, and a goal to maximize benefits.

Jeff Pax is married for over 20 years to wife Sheryl and three children; Aubrey, Evan, and Nolan.