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Joshua Ingraham

I want to change the world through food and fitness. I've spent a lifetime perfecting myself within the culinary industry and the martial arts world. Combined I take on the persona of being TheChefNshape and live my life with the respect and social responsibility that every chef should to give back.
Spring Ash Lamb
World Food Championships 2016 Orange Beach, Alabama
2016 MLB World Series
Vintage Ohio Food & Wine Festival: Join me August 5th at 8800 Euclid Chardon Rd, Kirtland, Ohio to learn how to make “Ohio Sweet Corn Soft Serve Ice Cream w/ Carrot Cake inspired Waffle Cones”
USA Today TOP10 Ball Park Food: Voted #1 in Baseball for Best Ball Park Food by USA today
Barilla Represent your Region: 2016 People's Choice Award Recipient
Avocado Madness 2016: Competed in Chefs Plate 8 in the Finals for Avocado Madness
Cleveland Indians. Cleveland
Executive Chef
Boston Symphony Orchestra. Boston
Executive Chef
TD Garden. Boston
Luxury Suites Chef
Culinary writing
Homemade pasta
Food/menu costing
Food industry consulting
Fish butchery
Deboning poultry
Meat butchery
P&L management
Menu development
Product ordering
Ingredient sourcing
Recipe development
TV/radio guest appearances
Staff training
Safe food handling
Competition judging
Joshua Ingraham
Joshua Ingraham
Cleveland, OH
United States

Cleveland Indians / Delaware North
Executive Chef

I went to college to play baseball and graduated a with a culinary degree. Ironically ten years later I'm the Executive Chef for the Major League Baseball team the Cleveland Indians.

In ten years I've won a Stanley cup ring with the Boston Bruins as their Luxury Suites chef and went onto to create a club called ChefsNshape where we physically inspire change within our communities.

ChefsNshape is made up of chefs who believe that we can #BecomeMore by giving back our knowledge of food and inspire healthy competitons like our events Lift for Food and Burn & Earn.