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Kathleen Mercado

Creating local, seasonal dessert menus using modern pastry techniques and nouveau American flavors. Driving down costs, elevating dessert sales, while improving seasonality in dessert and bakery menus.
Aqua Restaurant. San Francisco, CA
Pastry Cook
FarmerBrown Restaurant. San Francisco, CA
Pastry Chef
Adriano Zumbo Patissier. Sydney, NSW, Australia
Pastry Chef de Partie
Sake Restaurant. Sydney, NSW, Australia
Consulting Pastry Chef
Herringbone. La Jolla, CA
Pastry Sous Chef
The Cellar. San Clemente, CA
Pastry Chef
Cake/pastry decorating
BOH operations
Menu development
Kitchen management
Time management
Staff training
Food/menu costing
Product ordering
Kathleen Mercado
Kathleen Mercado
Nashville, CA
United States

I grew up in my grandmother's kitchen in southern Virginia.  We created desserts using produce from her garden and her neighbors.  My mother was always an amazing cook forcing the family to always try new things.  She opened up my palate at a young age.  

In college I realized that my happiest moments were at home in the kitchen so I didn't hesitate to apply pastry school.  I wanted to be able to convey the feeling of love and warmth in a sweet that I always got, the one that reminded me of home and my family.  Each season brings great produce which always meant more experimental baking.  No matter what the weather I always found myself driven to the kitchen to bake.  I love to share my passion through my pastries.

I have trained and worked in Paris, San Francisco and Australia, bringing people a fresh, seasonal take on their favorite course.