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Paul M Bowers

Creating powerful still and moving images of food and environments for over 30 years.
Paul M Bowers Creative. San Diego
Photographer and chief of everything
Food photography
Food photography
Food photography

  • Chefs Bernard Guillas and Ron Oliver of the Marine Room
Paul M Bowers
Paul M Bowers
San Diego, CA
United States

I've been a commercial/advertising photographer for a very long time, and food is one of my personal passions. I understand the marketing of food, restaurants and the people that work and enjoy those environments- and my work reflects that.

Years as a catalog photographer required an thorough understanding of lighting- the single most important factor in any food photograph. The use of existing or creating the proper lighting artifically (with a natural look) is the first step.

Just as important is the understanding that photography is used to create a mood and an expectation- what does it feel like to dine there, to relax there, to enjoy the hospitality of that place? 

Images that simply represent the food are far less effective than those that inspire an emotional response.