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Sally James

My favorite time of year is being a guest chef at the wonderful Disney Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in Orlando. You get to meet some wonderful chefs and guests!
Cooking at Disney
Self Employed. Sydney, and Yountville, CA
Author, Writer, Food Stylist, Consultant
National Heart Foundation of Australia. Canberra and Tasmania, Australia
PR Manager, Author
Australian Institute of Sport. Canberra, Australia
Nutrition Researcher
Australian National University Health Food Restaurant. Canberra, Australia
Manager and Chef
Industry Spokesperson
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Food industry consulting
Food styling
Menu development
Recipe development
TV/radio guest appearances
Sally James
Sally James
Yountville, CA
United States

Self employed
Producer and Co-host

My career began as a young 16 year old who left home to pursue her love of cooking by putting myself through cooking school.  I worked as a chef for a few years, and had my own operation at the Australian university serving around 200 people a day with self serve healthy meals.  Soon I realized it wasn't the life I wanted, that rather than cooking all day, I was more fulfilled working with people and writing.  My next move was to study nutrition, journalism and marketing and soon my career evolved into one where I was able to give demonstrations, and go on television as a guest, write books and features in magazines, all with the focus of teaching people how to eat healthier without sacrifice.  It is also a goal for me to empower people who think they can't cook, to go to the kitchen without fear and use their instincts to have fun with food.Since moving to the US, my passion has grown to show American chefs and public the wonders of Australia, our food, wine and culinary travel opportunities.  This has grown to exploring the cuisines of numerous other countries, which we feature on our radio show, Slow Living Radio.