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Stevan Novoa

I was told once not to allow ones culture to limit their creativity in the kitchen. I focus on fusion and merging classical with modern techniques. While I enjoy smaller events that are intimate, I truly look forward to bringing the best ideas that can be shared and envied.
Course number 6 of 11 at the final AI banquet in San Diego.
Concours D Elegance 2017: A large event overseeing high end cars from across the globe featuring high end chefs.
Sabor! Latino Film Festival: Providing food for the guests at Fashion Valley at the Food and Film Festival.
Taco throw down at Galaxy taco: Putting my spin with 3 tacos on the menu. I elected to do three southern flavored tacos on Galaxy tacos trademark blue corn Masa.
Flavors of San Diego 2016: Benefit dinner for the American liver foundation at the hotel del Mar. Along with several other well known chefs I had 10 clients I created a 5 course dinner and my team won best table design.
Barrel Smoker Series VI: The 6th edition of the series will feature seafood-whisperer Mark Lane of Poppa’s Fresh Fish, a local legend and a sea urchin authority. Lane's commitment is to bring the freshest and most delicious seafood to the local San Diego Markets. Also, the up and coming natural-born chef Stevan Novoa, who will show his sushi skills by creating japanese-peruvian style “tiraditos” with a Baja touch. Headlining the night, Chef Extraordinaire James Montejano of La Valencia Hotel.
Sabor Latin Film Festival San Diego: The Sabor Latino Beer and Food Festival on March 19, organizers will be bringing in chefs from Baja California and San Diego. There will be two concert stages. The festival will showcase 165 feature films, documentaries and shorts from around the globe and also close to home It’s really a celebration of Latino culture, cinema, and arts and music and food. It’s kind of exciting. We really want people to come in and experience to meet the filmmakers, actors, hear great music and Latin food.
BNI holiday party: Provided Mocktail drinks and healthy versions of classic holiday foods like Pumpkin cake with a goat cream cheese frosting, coconut shaves and reconstituted cherries. 45 people in attendance it was an easy going experience that was well put together.
Barrel Smoker events II & IV: Working with Chef Drew Deckman the first time we were at the Planet Rooth art house working with special barrel smokers custom made by Chef Gustaf Rooth. We provided eclectic homestyle meals with two other chefs based around the idea of using the barrel smoker as the main source for cooking. Series IV I worked alongside chef Chad White and paired smoked kidneys with Monte Xinac wines from Baja.
Flavors Of San Diego Culinary Gala: Flavors is a culinary experience that goes beyond the traditional gala providing guests with the unique experience of having a top local chef prepare a multi-course dinner for exclusive tables of ten guests. The evening showcases the signature dishes of our culinary experts and takes you beyond the usual restaurant fare. Unleash your inner "foodie" and experience a distinct evening of dining while helping to fund the research, education, and advocacy efforts of the
Latin Food Festival: Grande Tasting is an all-inclusive tasting festival so guests can indulge in a spectacular Latin food, wine and spirits tasting odyssey to Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain. Meet acclaimed chefs who will be conducting cooking demonstrations, dance to the music by Todo Mundo and held end hunger by bidding on culinary memorabilia at our silent auction.
Geeks for Peace: I created a menu of 10 paleo and vegan appetizers for the grand event and headlined as executive chef at the Moniker warehouse for Morgan Spurlock delivering healthy fresh and tasty food for 350 clients. I worked alongside chef Annalise Brolaski who also created 4 paleo and vegan desserts. We were contracted by Paleobloks for this event helped put them on the map. Many celebrities appeared at the 250$ per head event and spoke highly of our cuisine.
NV Personal Dining. San Diego
Chef Owner
Paleobloks. Escondido
Chef De Cuisine
Snake Oil Mixology. San Diego,CA
San Diego State University. San Diego,CA
Masters Hospitality Tourism
Culinary Art Institute. San Diego,CA
Associate Culinary and Baking
Draft. San Diego,CA
Lead Line Cook
Nobu. San Diego,CA
Garde-Manger/Sushi Prep
Kitchen management
Recipe development
BOH operations
Garde manger/Pantry
Hot line cookery
Food industry consulting
Menu development
Food photography
Time management
Culinary writing
Fish butchery
Safe food handling
Food/menu costing
True Chef's have no cuisine. I learn as I do and I falter as I may. All food excites me and flavors entice me. Why would i want to be stuck learning from one chef? I am stuck with only their experiences when i can create my own.
  • South Bay 2016 Tacos & Tequila 2nd place
  • Eater SD Ceviche Throwdown 2016 2nd place
  • ALF 2016 Del Mar Best Table Design and Setup
  • Consultant Isabel's Cantina PB
  • 57 Degrees
  • Dining Out SD
  • The kitchen project Tijuana
  • Veterans Memorial Community
  • Morgan Spurlock's Geeks for Peace
  • Sparks Gallery
  • Metta Space San Diego
  • BNI San Diego
  • Private chef for Fit2Ripped
  • Consultant Isabel's Cantina PB
  • 57 Degrees
  • Dining Out SD
  • The kitchen project Tijuana
  • Veterans Memorial Community
  • Morgan Spurlock's Geeks for Peace
  • Sparks Gallery
  • Metta Space San Diego
  • BNI San Diego
  • Private chef for Fit2Ripped
Stevan Novoa
Stevan Novoa
San Diego, CA
United States

The Pass
Chef Owner

It started in the Projects of Sacramento, California, with my grandfather telling me of his glory days serving drinks to Humphrey Bogart and Grace Kelly, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Not only was my maternal grandfather instrumental in my culinary experience, but my paternal grandparents also had a hand in my love for food and cooking.  They had a secret farm of rabbits, chickens, pigs and produce. I always remember eating at their home long before "farm to table" was a term. 

At age 15, I began working as a dishwasher at the Spaghetti Factory and saw what life is like in a restaurant kitchen.  It was every bit of Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential.

I left the industry when I was 18 years old for more money and a suit, and worked for the State of California for three years, but I always felt out of place.  I needed the creative rush that comes from using your imagination and serving others.  So in the wake of 9/11, I joined the military and two years later, I found myself in Iraq on my first deployment. 
23 years old and saw things most people couldn't understand I was placed with a special unit that used adrenaline of being out front as motivation to not fail.  I was addicted to that feeling.  Time passed, 4 deployments later I was at a loss with how life had unfolded.  PTSD was a part of me.  Brain injuries, body put back together through stitches and steel.  I am a kinesthetic learner so I went with what i knew.  Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.  This is how the story of food saved me

So after eight years, seven surgeries, and four deployments, I went to culinary school. I took a gamble and moved to San Diego.
  3 years later, I graduated and  I am still living here and enjoying working in the field.  Additionally, I have worked and attended numerous culinary events, as well as have spent significant time working under several elite chefs and members in the hospitality field
 I have family that worked for Robert Mondavi, Mccormicks and Schmicks, Mumms, even food writing so I felt like my calling was reached being a part of something that rarely gives back.  It is the lack of fear and creativity that helps me continue to be at the forefront of this career