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Steve Dolinsky

James Beard Award Winner

I explore the world to uncover the most delicious, unique and local flavors. I then get to translate those experiences into stories via my TV, radio, podcast and print outlets.
Translating and helping others understand the world of food and drink.
ABC 7 News. Chicago
Food Reporter
The Feed Podcast. Chicago
The Globe and Mail. Canada
Travel/Food Writer
The Chicago Tribune. International
Travel Food Writer
PRI's The World. International
Food Reporter
Culinary Communications. U.S. (outside of Chicago)
Media Trainer
"Good Eating". CLTV - Oak Brook, IL
TV Host/Exec. Producer
Culinary writing
Food industry consulting
Time management
TV/radio guest appearances
Competition judging

  • Austin BBQ Armageddon
  • James Beard Award, Best Food Podcast, 2015
  • James Beard Award, Best TV Food Segment (National or Local) 2006
  • James Beard Award, Best Radio Food Show (National), 2005
  • James Beard Award, Best TV Cooking Show (Local), 2004
  • James Beard Award, Best Radio (Short Format) on Food, 2003
  • James Beard Award, Best Radio (Short Format) on Food, 2002
  • James Beard Award, Best Local TV Cooking Show, 2002
  • James Beard Award, Best Radio (Long Form) on Food, 2000
  • James Beard Award, Best Local Radio Show on Food, 1998
  • James Beard Award, Best Local TV Food Broadcast, 1999
  • James Beard Award, Best Local TV Show or Segment, 1998
  • James Beard Award, Best Local TV Show or Segment, 1997
  • James Beard Award, Best Local TV Food Show, 1996
Steve Dolinsky
Steve Dolinsky
Chicago, IL
United States

Culinary Media
Travel & Food Reporter, Media Trainer

Growing up in a kosher home in St. Cloud, Minnesota isn’t exactly the ideal foundation for a professional food reporter, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager, introduced to the “Australian Women’s Home Weekly” series of illustrated Thai and Chinese cookbooks by my Tasmanian sister-in-law, that I realized how wonderful the pleasures of the table could be. In college, at the University of Wisconsin, I continued seeking out everything I couldn’t (or simply wasn’t able to) have as a kid: Turkish kebabs; Thai noodles; falafel, and yes, even pork.

But when I graduated in 1990, yearning to find new flavors and taste new things, there was no such thing as a TV food reporter. All of the food professionals I looked up to – Reichl, Richman, Apple – were in print. So I took my broadcast degree to towns like Escanaba, Michigan and Davenport, Iowa, and learned how to become a general assignment news reporter, always stoking that love of food by cooking out of magazines and making hour-long trips to track down a little Thai joint or Mexican taqueria. 
The Tribune’s 24-hour newschannel – CLTV - brought me to Chicago in 1992. I logged a few more years of news reporting, then caught a break in ‘95, when our station launched “Good Eating,” a weekly, 30 minute program mirroring the Tribune’s food section. As Producer and Host, I churned out 52 shows a year for eight years, garnering six James Beard Awards along the way.

Freelance radio work followed – first with WBEZ, our local NPR affiliate, then with Public Radio International’s “The World.” I’ve also written food features and reviews for publications like The Chicago Reader, CS Magazine and the Tribune; six more Beard Awards followed for my work with WBEZ and The World. 
In 2003, I moved over to ABC 7, Chicago’s #1 news station, where I now file two original reports each week, under the moniker “The Hungry Hound.” In 2014, I launched The Feed Podcast with Chicago chef Rick Bayless, which garnered a James Beard in 2015 for Best Podcast. I still continue to file stories for PRI’s The World and have become a part-time travel writer, filing stories for the Travel sections in both The Chicago Tribune and The Globe and Mail (Canada). I show up as an occasional judge or contributor on “Iron Chef America” and “Unique Eats,” and serve as one of the 26 Regional Academy Chairs for “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.” I even do some media training outside of Chicago for chefs, sommeliers and mixologists.