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Tamara Westerhold

Boutique Catering and Event Design. Mediterranean inspired menus, reflecting bold flavors, rustic elegance, and the local bounty of the seasons. Inspired daily to create intimate and unforgettable dining experiences.
Wine Country Farmhouse Salad
Cherubina Catering. Marin County, CA
Chef. 3+ yrs
Boutique Catering and Event Design
Custom Menu Development
Chefsroll Ambassador
Food styling
Member of Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma
Chef Ambassador for Chefsroll
Active Member of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs
Board of Directors of San Francisco Professional Food Society
Brand Ambassador for Barilla Pasta
Brand Ambassador for Chef Apparel by Lost Car
Brand Ambassador for ROWDYDOW bbQ
Brand Ambassador for Patagonia Mussels
Brand Ambassador for Kona Coffee by Carta
Brand Ambassador for Caviar by The Caviar Co
Brand Ambassador for Honey by National Honey Board
Brand Ambassador for Micro Greens by Fresh Origins
Brand Ambassador for Montmorency Cherries
Brand Ambassador for Plates by FOH
Brand Ambassador for Minors
Chef Ambassador for Chefsroll
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  • Private Clientele
Tamara Westerhold
Tamara Westerhold
Fairfax, CA
United States

Cherubina Catering

A third-generation San Franciscan, I was born to eat and cook.  At age six,  I opened a "restaurant" in the family kitchen.  The menu was limited (serving only pancakes) but it was the official beginning of my obsession with cooking and feeding people.  My large extended family, originally from Spain, always provided a lively atmosphere where, as a child, I was entranced by the beautiful and unpretentious elegance of the enormous Antipasti platters and the endless array of desserts.  Simple, boldly flavored, and delicious food was at the center of every family gathering.  Pots were stirred, children sang and danced, recipes were handed down, cementing in my memory the powerful connection that sharing a meal with loved ones creates.

 An avid home cook for more than 25 years, my desire for a more formal culinary education led me on a journey that included a six month stage at local landmark restaurant Insalata's , and many specialty courses at esteemed schools such as Tante Marie's Cooking School in San Francisco and the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, CA.​ 

Cherubina Catering was born out of my desire to focus on smaller parties and intimate gatherings (from 2 to 200), allowing me and my team to provide exquisite attention to detail.  In addition to Catering and Private Chef work,   I am a very active member of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs (WCR), on the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Professional Food Society, and I am currently a Chef Ambassador for Chefsroll.