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Thomas Cole Oeltjenbruns

President of Thomas Cole Events, a full service event production company specializing in Catering, Event Planning, Staffing and Entertainment. With offices in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Denver, we are expanding with steady growth as we focus on new culinary trends and new markets.
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Johnson and Wales University. Denver, CO
Ocean Prime. Beverly Hills
Seafood Chef
Four Seasons Hotel. Denver, CO
Banquets, Special Events
Denver Broncos. Denver, CO
Catering, Special Events
BOH operations
Competition judging
Culinary writing
Food industry consulting
Food styling
Food sanitation
Food/menu costing
Garde manger/Pantry
Safe food handling
Recipe development
Meat butchery
Labor cost management
Kitchen management
TV/radio guest appearances

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Thomas Cole Oeltjenbruns
Thomas Cole Oeltjenbruns
Scottsdale, AZ
United States

Thomas Cole Events and Catering

Thomas Cole is a recent transplant to Los Angeles, moving almost one year ago from Denver Colorado, where he was raised his entire life. He grew up in the rural mountains of the western slope in small towns where he attended grade school. After turning 18 and graduating high school, Cole moved to Denver to attend college at Johnson and Wales University for entrepreneurship, where he dropped out after starting a small entertainment business booking bands and managing local concerts at 21 years old.. When Cole started to pursue his true passion of cooking, it quickly turned into a catering company that not only provided food, but also booked entertainment from his other companies band roster.While Cole was building this small business, he worked for a big corporate temp staffing agency, providing hospitality staff to all of the major stadiums, hotels, convention centers and event venues around Denver. After a couple of years  of networking with all of those clients, he left that company and added temp staffing to his company and started to form this one-stop shop company for special events.

Some promising opportunities lead Cole, now 27, to move to Hollywood California to try and expand his new special events company, starting the new venture as Thomas Cole Events. He hit the ground running and started working with big hospitality staffing agencies to book gigs and start networking with some of the big players in the game. After 6 months, Cole had started catering and staffing his own small private clients which only took off from there. After being part of the opening team of a prominent restaurant in Beverly Hills and catering some B list celebrities, Cole is ready to take the company to the next level and is now working on producing an online cooking show.