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Walter Ishizuka

I think Chef work is not a job but a way of life, Spirit of "The How to Be & How to Do" Love of kind of cooking, travelling, and cycling
Brasserie Joel at Parkplaza Westminster Bridge, 2AA rosettes. London, UK
Executive Chef
The Connaught, Helene Darroze, 2 Michelin stars. London, UK
Sous Chef
RITZ PARIS, L'espadon, Michel Roth, 2 Michelin stars. Paris, France
chef poisonnier, junior sous chef
PAUL BOCUSE, l'auberge du pont de Collonges, 3 Michelin Stars. Lyon, France
Demi chef de partie saucier
Le SUD by Paul Bocuse. Lyon, France
Demi Chef de partie
L'arc en ciel, Le Meridien. Lyon, France
Demi chef de partie
Restaurant Christian Tetedoie, 2 Michelin stars. Lyon, France
commis chef
Menu development
Food photography
Food industry consulting
Culinary writing
Competition judging
Food styling
HACCP trained/certified
Food/menu costing
Ingredient sourcing
Kitchen management
Recipe development
Staff training
Inventory control
Knife skills
TV/radio guest appearances
P&L management
Walter Ishizuka
Walter Ishizuka
United Kingdom

Brasserie Joel at Parkplaza Westminster Bridge
Executive Chef

Chef Walter's father travelled from Japan to Lyon in the 1960’s, to learn the art of French cooking - he reminds to this day one of Chef Walter's biggest inspirations. He had the opportunity to work at some of France’s most famous restaurants and was a role model for the young Chef Walter with his approach to cooking. Modesty and rigour have been qualities of his that Walter has brought into his own style of cooking. Chef Walter first trained in the French city of Lyon, renowned for its gastronomic heritage. He worked for three years at Lyon’s infamous three Michelin starred Paul Bocuse Restaurant, then three and a half years at Paris Ritz’s two Michelin starred Restaurant; L’Espadon. He brings his own blend of creativity and passion for food to London. Walter’s menus blend classic French fare with a delicate approach to flavour and texture derived from his Japanese heritage - his dishes feature bold, simple flavours cooked using only the very finest ingredients. Chef Walter cites Paul Bocuse as a mentor, a man who was like a grandfather to him. Bocuse taught Walter everything he knows about cooking and even more. The two keep in touch many members of the Brasserie Joel team travel to France to work with him in order for them to develop and learn from the master. Chef Walter has been at the helm of Brasserie Joel since 2011, imbibing each dish and new menu with his enthusiasm for fresh, seasonal ingredients and the wealth of quality British produce that he often goes to select himself at London's many famous foodie markets such as Billingsgate, or Borough Market. Whilst he remains true to the culinary legacy of great French cuisine, he brings a modern and innovative approach to Brasserie Joel, keeping diners coming back again and again