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I do everything 150%. Never afraid to ask questions, take a chance or fall flat on my face. I want to inspire people that think it is not possible to reach any goal you set for yourself. I will never work a day in my life anymore because I love what I do
K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid
The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show - Valley Forge Casino January 25th: I will be doing a Meet & Greet with Fans & Foodies, as well as a cooking demonstration on the Queen Appliance Culinary Stage.
Reality Rally in Temecula California: Join myself and other reality stars at an AMAZING charity rally for Michelle's Place. A large 3 day event to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness and support. Come support and have a good time April 11-13th. Also please visit the website and donate today! Help support a great cause.
Chocolate World Expo - Norwalk, CT January 26th: I will be doing a Meet & Greet with Fans & Foodies. Then i will be doing a cooking Demonstration on the Culinary Stage at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk CT
Radio Interview with The Real Radio Show February 4th: click the link to Listen Live on February 4th
Cooking Class for Uniondale Middle School Long Island February 27th: I will be a Guest at Uniondale Middle School to give a cooking class to the home economics dept children.
Chocolate World Expo- Garden City NY March 2nd: will be doing a Meet & Greet with Fans & Foodies. Then i will be doing a cooking Demonstration on the Culinary Stage at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City NY
Taste of Long Island: I will be a Celebrity Chef Judge at the Taste of Long Island Food & Wine Event on March 27th
Black Culinary Expo NYC,NY May 31st-June 1st: Celebrity Chef Judge and also doing a live cooking demo.
Atlantic City Food & Wine Expo July25-27th: The 2014 Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival features celebrity chefs in addition to the region's most talented culinary artists. Renowned chefs Robert Irvine and Marcus Samuelson host the open air festival in Atlantic City. Chef Barret will be doing a live demo on stage and also hosting his own booth so stop in and get a sample
Chef Barret's Second Annual Bullying We're Kickin It Chili Cook Off August 2nd: Enter the Chili Challenge or Come By to Sample & Vote!! Enjoy Food, Games, Music, Martial Art, Yoga and Culinary Demonstrations **Meet the Celebrity Chefs of Hells Kitchen Season 11 Chef Barret, Chef Jackie, Chef Amanda, Chef Cyndi - HK Season 12 Chef Anton, Chef Jessica - Hells Kitchen Blue Team Sous Chef James Avery - 2014 Cut Throat Kitchen Winner and Chili Champ Rob Burmeister - BBQ Pitmaster Glenn Gross***** ***Chili Challenge Rewards & Details**** There Are THREE Chili Categories: **Must Indicate Heat Level: Mild, Spicy, Hot, Blazing •Traditional - Red or Green Chili w/Any Meat Combination, With or Without Beans. •Vegetarian - No Meat of Any Kind in Stock or Ingredients. •Gourmet - White Chilies, Seafood Chilies, Flavored Chilies, Non-Traditional Ingredients
Space Ibiza New York. New York, New York
Executive Chef/ Consultant
Bistro 914. Yonkers, NY
Consultant Executive Chef
279 Bar & Grill. Plains, PA
Co Executive Chef
1 North Steakhouse. Hampton Bays, NY
Sous Chef
Bread & Butter Bistro. Holtsville, NY
Sous Chef
The Emporium Event Center. Patchogue, NY
Sous Chef
Hell's Kitchen Season 11 Contestant. Los Angeles, CA
The Black Wolf. Syosset, NY
Head Chef
Star Career Academy. Sosset, NY
Line Cook
Food/menu costing
Competition judging
Kitchen management
Knife skills
Labor cost management
TV/radio guest appearances
Safe food handling
Product ordering
BOH operations
Time management
Food industry consulting
Kitchen management
I have been asked numerous times what "Style" cooking I do and I would have to say I like to keep it simple. Few ingredients that can produce BIG Flavor. I call myself The Palate Pirate because i always use that one ingredient that will hijack your Palate for that WOW factor

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  • Demo and Tasting @ Appliance World Huntington NY
  • Certfificate of Appreciation from The Brookhaven Town Board October 2013
  • Certificate of Recognition for Community involvement from Senator Lee M. Zeldin October 2013
  • Certificate of Congratulations for Volunteer work Suffolk County Legislature October 2013
  • Chef Spotlight at Star Career Academy November 2013
  • Chef of The Month Chef Works USA November 2013
"I had the pleasure of seeing Chef Barret doing a cooking demo at the Sachem Library for about 40 people. His "stage presence", quality of food, and cooking this all with library hot plates made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Can't wait until the next time I have the opportunity to see him cook again. Yum!!"
- Ellen S.

"Chef Barret is very personable and shows so much passion when he cooks. He came to my house to give me a cooking lesson for my birthday. One of the best gifts ever. He was patient, fun, exciting as he showed me what to do. I def recommend having him cook for you or going to see him. His passion comes out in his food. I still make some of the recipes he showed me."
- Karri-Lynn D.

"Barret made me dinner last year for my birthday. It was the best food I had ever eaten! Even the mushrooms (which I usually hate) tasted unbelievable! Everything was presented beautifully and had great attention to detail. Barret is not only an excellent Chef, but a very loyal loving friend. He is always so passionate, positive, and would do anything to help anyone in need!"
- Katie G.

"Had the pleasure of attending a demo at the cradle if aviation. The food was terrific and he sends a positive message to kids."
- Stacey B.

"Spirited Cuisine without the ego! Barrett knows how to prepare memorable meals by using farm-to-table ingredients that everyone can enjoy. A wonderful time was had by all!! Then, to make it even better...he cleans up afterwards. It's great to be a guest at your own party."
- Jean and Bob M.

"Thank you again for an amazing presentation and dinner! A surprise private birthday dinner for my girlfriend in our home. Everything went just as planned. And there was leftovers!"
- Stephen S.

"Chef Barret was asked to cook for my daughters Sweet 16 BBQ located on Long Island for approximately 5 hrs. He was very professional, friendly and engaging with our guests. I would recommend him to anyone & everyone. We were all very happy with Chef Barret and his services in every way."
- Russ G. via Thumbtack

"I called and spoke with Barret about my need for a personal chef. I was impressed with the timeliness of his responses on thumbtack and with his accessibility on the phone. His menu options are superb and very posh. He was willing to go the distance for me and my wife for our anniversary as I had it planned in the Pocono mountains. I would Definitely recommend him to anyone."
- Jesse N.

"Barret catered the top real estate networking event in NYC with limited Kitchen Space and was amazing, the food, the service, and the overall experience was seamless ."
- Glenn A via Thumbtack

"Chef Barret did a cooking class for my sons party. he was great and the food the kids cooked was great and he also cooked food for the parents and it was phenomenal. Everyone was impressed. Would definitely use him again."
- Kim V. via Thumbtack

Barret Beyer
Barret Beyer
New York, NY
United States

Star Studded Events & Catering
Executive Chef/ Owner

Chef Barret Beyer epitomizes new beginnings and change, inspiring millions with his cooking and actions.Chef Barret Beyer is a Long Island native whose passion and dedication has allowed him to excel and succeed in every aspect of his professional and personal development.  Born in 1976, he quickly displayed an affinity to creative culinary expression. Chef Barret’s desire to help others and improve the lives of those who surrounded him led to the enlistment with the United States Coast Guard.  It was during this time of military service where he first realized his life dream when taking on the responsibility of kitchen management while serving his counterparts.  While working in New York City’s financial industry and boom era during the aughts, Beyer was arrested ten times for charges that ranged from selling drugs, Conspiracy to forgery, even overdosing and waking up on life support after 2 days in 2006. For ten years, from 1998 until 2008, he was in and out of jails. However coinciding with the birth his daughter in 2008, the reality TV star finally got sober. Beyer said, “I couldn’t do it anymore. I wanted to be a father she could look up to.” He did. Leaving the world of finance and clanging cells bars behind, the love of cooking become the inspiration for his life’s next course. Always a home cook, Beyer attended culinary school in his native Long Island. Before even graduating the ambitious New Yorker already had a job as a sous chef.                                                Beyer then made it to “Hell’s Kitchen” with the legendary kitchen screamer Gordon Ramsey. His favorite television experience. Although, he didn’t win the show, Beyer realized that working in the kitchen is the work he loves. It’s that drive to succeed and healthy ambition which drove him to participate in “Cutthroat Kitchen”, another on-camera cooking competition. “I was the first one cut. It was for not putting the chicken on a Chicken Caesar Salad,” the chef says while chuckling at his folly.                           
From his experience on reality TV, the cheffing professional has become a consultant opening a multitude of East Coast restaurants, receiving many accolades along the way. Food & Beverage Magazine and Chef Works have both named him “Chef of The Month”, in 2013 and 2014, respectively. With his new found celebrity status, Beyer volunteers or works non-profits events around the country including Reality Rally which raises money for Michelle’s Place a Breast Cancer Resource Center in Temecula, Bullying We’re Kickin’ It which he is a Spokesperson for.  has organized and raised money to cook warm meals to feed the people & first responders of Long Beach after Super storm Sandy hit. He went out to Oklahoma & teamed up with Johnsonville Sausage Company to help cook  raise money & items for the victims of the F5 Tornado that ripped through Moore County. With eight years of sobriety and five years of cooking, it’s clear Chef Beyer has changed his life.                   
Chef Barret will continue to pursue consistent growth, creativity, and culinary development through the positive interaction of culinary leaders. For now, rest assured his strong desire to share his culinary knowledge with others, and to provide personal chef services/classes for the inexperienced cooks/chefs will rapidly establish Chef Barret’s brand and associated added value.