Stephen "Bubba" Frank

Bubba Frank has a unique set of skills within the culinary world. A renaissance man who likes to master all aspects of his trade from back of the house prep, butchery, sauces, soups, line, expedition, menu development including beer/wine/cocktail pairings; all the way to front of the house affairs.
Char-Grilled Ribeye, Salsa Verde, Celery Leaf, Balsamic Reduction
ChiSox Bar & Grill. Chicago, IL
Head Chef. 2-3 yrs
The Montgomery Club. Chicago, IL
Corporate Sous Chef. 2-3 yrs
Quartino. Chicago, IL
Sous Chef. < 1 yr
Aviva. Chicago, IL
Executive Chef. < 1 yr
The Turtle Restaurant. Brownwood, TX
Executive Chef. 3+ yrs
Manuelina Culinary. CastAlimenti Brescia, Italy
Regional Italian Cuisine
Italian Cuisine Certificate. Bologna Italy
One week course on Italian cuisine under Chef Mario Scalera-Jan 2013
Sous Chef/Pizza, Bread & Gelato Artisan
Starting From Scratch. Des Plaines, IL
Va Pensiero. Evanston, IL
Line/Prep Cook
McMurry University. Abilene, TX
Bachelor of Business Administration
Casa Herrera. Abilene, TX
Leona's. Des Plaines, IL
The Culinary Experience. Wheeling, IL
Prep Cook
Menu development
TV/radio guest appearances
Food industry consulting
Large event catering
Food cost analysis
Employee scheduling
Demographic studies
General business
Food photography
BOH operations
Ingredient sourcing
Culinary writing
Kitchen management
Homemade pasta
Bubba specializes in not having a specialty, he likes it all. With an emphasis on big flavors; Bubba cooks many Italian, American, Mexican, Greek, Spanish, Middle-Eastern and Asian classics with his own unique twist; often creating dishes with several influences. Regardless, his cuisine comforts your soul. He finds adventure in working outside his comfort zone, seeing it as the most efficient way to teach himself. Drawing on his mental database of flavors and aromas he can recreate anything!

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  • World Food Championship Top 10 - 2014
  • Invited to Austin Bacon & Beer Festival 2014
  • Invited to Edible Austin Magazine's Edible Escape 2013
  • Invited to Austin Tour de Vin: food & wine festival, 2013
  • Texas Wine & Trail Texas Two-Step Chef of the Month 2013
  • Invited to Abilene March of Dimes Celebrity Chef's Auction
  • Invited to do a cooking demonstration at the San Saba Pecan Jam 2012
  • Invited to Austin Tour de Vin: food & wine festival, 2012
  • 1st Place McMurry Chili Cookoff 2009
  • 1st Prize: Brownwood Pumpkin Cookoff 2012
  • 1st Place Best Burger in Brownwood Cookoff 2012
  • 1st Place/Master of Bacon, Bacon Bash Texas 2013
  • The Mill Winery & Event Venue; Abilene, TX
  • Wedding Oak Winery; San Saba, TX
  • Bruner Auto Group
  • Capra
  • The Crew of A&E's American Hoggers
  • ACL Live @ The Moody Theater
  • Mack Brown, Jack Ingram & Matthew MacConaughey Charity
  • The Mill Winery & Event Venue; Abilene, TX
  • Wedding Oak Winery; San Saba, TX
  • Bruner Auto Group
  • Capra
  • The Crew of A&E's American Hoggers
  • ACL Live @ The Moody Theater
  • Mack Brown, Jack Ingram & Matthew MacConaughey Charity
Turtle Restaurant, 514 Center Ave. - Best Fine Dining restaurant within 100 miles. Great food and service. You'll drive out of your way to dine here the second time. This statement is meant both figuratively and literally. There is no way to go to Brownwood without going out of your way.
- Fort Worth Hole in the Wall, UrbanSpoon contributor blog, "Texas Road Trip"

"I chose "The Turtle" for a first date, she and I were very pleased. I can't tell you how refreshing it is just know this quality of dining is so near. The food and service we received would rival any that could be found in any metropolitan area. The wine selection is amazing and so are the prices. I strongly suggest this place to anyone that values quality... I give it five shining stars."
- Zagat: Ricky

"Small place downtown with wonderful food and cocktails, great environment and service... It was obvious that the chef and owners took pride in their food. We will definitely return many times!"
- Trip Advisor: Annie B, San Saba, TX

"The Turtle Enoteca remains my favorite place to get a drink and hang out in Brownwood, and has the best selection of craft beer and wine in town. Their pizza's remain one of my favorite's in particular "The Dano Supremo" :). They are now home to "The Best Burger In Brownwood" after their win at the Taste of Spring this year. Still the best fine dining you can get in Brownwood, and with the new Pasta machine, it now is home to the best Italian Cuisine in town. Fresh Pasta and ingredients are a ticket to flavor town! Finish off a great meal with Creme Brule, Sorbet or Gelato! What's not to like? Come raise a glass with me for a nice escape in the heart of Brownwood! Prost!"
- Yelp: Dano D, Brownwood, TX

"This is definitely 5 stars for Brownwood, at least four anywhere else in Texas. Food was fresh and seasonal and portions were ample. In February 2013, I had a delicious bowl of tortellini, sausage and kale soup followed by pork chateaubriand (tenderloin) with brussels sprouts and risotto accompanied by a nice glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. The soup accompanied by a salad would have been more than ample, and the pork was enough for two people. It was at least double the amount of tenderloin that I usually eat at home. The pork was crisp on the outside and just slightly pink in the center... an excellent meal, fairly priced."
- Yelp: Alfred S., Austin, TX

"I had a cup of the chicken tortilla soup, unbelievable. Spicy and full of flavor, the chicken pieces were so tender. You could tell the chef really knew what he was doing with this soup. There was a small amount of cheese that had melted under several tortilla slide chips. The spices that were used in the soup were just wonderful not over bearing, but just right. (I do like spicy and this was not over the top.)"
- Yelp: William M., Dallas, TX

Stephen "Bubba" Frank
Stephen "Bubba" Frank
Chicago - Schaumburg, IL
United States

Level 257 - Namco
Executive Chef

I was born into a family of food. My Nonni was known by everyone in the neighborhood for her Italian specialties, my parents owned a successful restaurant before I was born & everyone on both sides of my family loved to eat good food...especially me. One may say I was destined to be a Chef!

In school, whenever I had the opportunity to I would incorporate cooking; whether it was making chocolate mousse while giving directions in espanol for a junior high Spanish class or giving a demonstration on how to make an Italian Submarine for speech class in high school; food was obviously my passion.

Though I have a gift for Mathematics, somewhere between my 2nd and 3rd major, I realized that I would be much happier working with some facet of food and ended up declaring General Business Administration where I would be open to pretty much any line of work.

I took a summer job as a prep cook with a friend of my aunt, he was a Chef Ramsay type kitchen dictator however; he wasn't as unpleasant as some of the coaches I'd experienced in 15+ years of athletics. I thought if this is as bad as it gets, I will be just fine.  Then someone told me to "be a sponge," so from that point on I was and still am. You can only be influenced by great people if you are first open to influence. 

After college I wound up in Brownwood, TX where fate led me to a quaint little destination restaurant called The Turtle, a slow food restaurant touting a chef who cooked at the James Beard house alongside Chef Marcus Samuelsson before his 30th birthday. It was meant to be that they needed a Sous Chef/Baker at the time and I took over the roll. I was baking all kinds of bread and pastries; filling a 16 flavor case with fresh gelato and sorbetto; as well as, putting out the entire small plates menu at dinner service. 

Less than a year later my boss asked me if I thought I was ready to take over the helms, I accepted her offer and I've never looked back.