Chef Cal DeMercurio

"I embrace simplicity as elegance on the plate, a sense of urgency in the kitchen, and an unwavering commitment to excellence for serving the guest. But most of all, God, family and friends will always come first in my life, with the dinner table always being the best gathering place of all."
Food and Wine, the perfect match!
Culinarily Yours. Redding, CA
Executive Chef. 1-2 yrs
Restaurant Consulting. Redding, CA
Exec Chef & Community Liaison. 3+ yrs
Compass Group / Simpson University. Redding, CA
Director of Dining Services. 1-2 yrs
Black Bear Diners Inc. Redding, CA
Corporate Executive Chef. 2-3 yrs
Shasta Union HS District. Redding, CA
Instructor for Advanced Culinary Arts. 2-3 yrs
Old School Restaurant. Redding, CA
Executive Chef/ Owner
Rivers Restaurant. Redding, CA
Executive Chef/ Owner
Pesce e Pasta. Redding, CA
Executive Chef/ Owner
DeMercurios Restaurant. Redding, CA
Executive Chef/ Owner
Bridge Bay Resort. Shasta Lake, CA
Executive Chef
American Culinary Federation. Bakersfield, CA
ACF Apprenticeship
Food industry consulting
Menu development
Recipe development
Food/menu costing
Food styling
BOH operations
Kitchen management
Labor cost management
Product ordering
Inventory control
Safe food handling
Staff training
TV/radio guest appearances
Competition judging
Hot line cookery
Knife skills
Chef Cal DeMercurio
Chef Cal DeMercurio
Redding, CA
United States

Culinarily Yours
Executive Chef

Chef Cal DeMercurio’s passion is to bless others by using his culinary gifts and wisdom, gained from over 35 years’ experience in professional kitchens around the world. He began his passionate pursuit of food at the age of 16 when he entered the back door of a local restaurant and offered to wash dishes for free just so he could watch the chef work. His unwavering commitment to excellence in food preparation has always been a goal that he hopes to share with all. For his complete bio, please visit .