Ayngelina Brogan

Ayngelina runs the culinary travel site BaconIsMagic.ca and was recently named one of the Top 10 Best Travel Food sites by USA Today. She's also been featured on Huffington Post, Glamour Paris, Grazia UK. Find more of her videos at Youtube.com/Ayngelina
Bacon is Magic. Toronto, Canada
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Ayngelina Brogan
Ayngelina Brogan

Bacon is Magic

I come from a background in advertising, after ten years working at agencies I craved a career break and bought a one-way ticket to Mexico to travel overland through to Argentina. 

That was five years ago and I still haven't gone back to my old career.

I've been traveling the world writing about food and culture from a solo experience. But one day I walked into a chef's kitchen in Prince Edward Island and fell in love. Now Bacon is Magic is about the two of us, our lives at home and when we travel together. We shoot videos and share stories from two very different perspectives - a professional chef and professional eater.