Nazneen Hamilton

Living in Colorado with the beautiful Rockies, rolling farm land and fresh local produce, inspiration is all around me. I am a blend of east and west, traditional and modern and I try to reflect that in my cooking, my writing and my everyday job. I want to inspire the people I meet at work to cook!
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Coffee and Crumpets. Broomfield, CO
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Nazneen Hamilton
Nazneen Hamilton
Broomfield, CO
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Coffee and Crumpets
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My interest in food started when I walked the wedding halls with my grandfather as he inspected the details of the hall and decor for his children's weddings. My favourite part was when we'd walk outside to, what seemed to me, bubbling caldrons of the best smelling kormas, biryani and kebabs. This is how it's done in India's wedding halls, huge black pots cooking the most incredibly, aromatic dishes. The cooks are experts at cooking meals for 300 plus guests and everything come out perfect.

Returning to my home in London after these vacations, I would watch my mother prepare the same delicacies in smaller quantities but the taste would transport me back to those bubbling cauldrons. She was an amazing cook and I learned all I could from her.

Finally, leaving London for the US, my parents ran a small tearoom in Texas. I learned to manage the restaurant and cater parties, meetings, baby showers and so on.

After marriage and being a stay at home mum, I put in all my time to learn all the cooking basics and skills. I practised and created. Once the children went off to school and I had time again, I stared my food blog. I began to chronicle all my learning and creations.

The blog eventually led me to an opportunity to become a cooking demonstrator and brand ambassador for a couple of high end appliance names. I began to hold cooking classes and cater all events for the appliance company.