Scheherezade Daftary

My mission is to teach people how to cook plant based food in a way that reduces waste and uses local, sustainable, and seasonal ingredients so that more people can lead a healthy life on a healthy planet.
Vegan Dosa Masala with Lemon Pickle and Cilantro Mint Chutney
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Scheherezade Daftary
Scheherezade Daftary
Los Angeles, CA
United States
Owner & Lead Instructor at The Delightful Table School of Home Cooking

People always ask me how I learned to cook.  Did I go to culinary school?  Nope.  Did I work in a restaurant as a cook?  Nope.  I learned to cook because growing up, everyone in my family knew how to cook.  It was a skill that came in very handy growing up as a child of immigrants in a small town in Louisiana.  With an Iranian dad and a Spanish mom, if we were going to eat traditional foods at birthdays, graduations, weddings and other big family events we got to cook it ourselves.  Fortunately, my family is loaded with amazing cooks.  From my mom's world's best (according to my dad) Spanish tortilla,  to my grandmother's always perfect, always delicious Persian rice with tadig, to my cousin's fabada bean soup, there was never a shortage of amazing meals coming out of our family kitchens.  

I assumed that if I also wanted to feed people at holidays, graduations and other important family events I would need to learn how to cook.  So I did.  I learned by watching my mom, aunts, uncles, grandparents and also through lots of hilarious trial and error.  I would sit down and read cookbooks cover to cover like they were novels and going out to eat at restaurants was more about finding inspiration and new ingredients and techniques than anything else.  Ok, it was also about not doing dishes.  

My kitchen became my laboratory.  I tried and failed, played and experimented. I honestly didn't think my ability to create delicious meals from scratch was that special until I moved to Los Angeles.  When my new friends came over for my first dinner party they all acted like I had performed some kind of magic trick.  It was that feedback and the fact that the kitchen was always a safe, warm and loving place that provided peace and comfort, that lead me to dive into cooking even more.  I started sharing everything I knew through social media and eventually a blog.

Around that time I also discovered Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and became a member of a co-op of farmers who would deliver local, beyond organic produce to my house every week.  It pushed my culinary skills to the next level.  It was like my own personal Chopped competition every week!  Instead of relying on other people's recipes, I had to get creative and come up with my own.  Through this experience I also became more conscientious about the environmental impact of the way I live and eat.  I adopted a plant based diet and began looking for all the ways I could possibly reduce the amount of waste I was creating by joining zero waste groups.  

I was documenting my journey on my blog but people still kept coming to me with so many questions.  How do I reduce waste?  How do I eat more vegetables?  How do I keep it interesting?  Even though I had plenty of information about it on my blog, it seemed like people were lacking the confidence rather than the information.  After all... the Internet.  That's when I decided to start teaching plant based, zero waste  farm to table cooking classes in Los Angeles that are hands on, educational, and most importantly, fun!  The Delightful Table School of Home Cooking is the only exclusively plant based, hands on cooking school in Los Angeles.  To date, I have taught over one hundred students and I'm looking forward to teaching many more.