With an ever-growing and diverse client base of over 3500 businesses, Greenvelope.com is considered by some as the dark horse of digital invitations and event management software. While there are other names who are perhaps more widely well known, none come close in the overall design, functionality, and usability of the Greenvelope.com events platform.

Founded by Sam Franklin in 2008, Greenvelope business users know and love it for its clean, focused, and streamlined solution for connecting with their attendees, supporters and customers. Their software gives hosts the tools to maximize patronage, event attendance, and ticket sales while also managing all RSVPs, promotion, social sharing, ticket and item sales, and registrations all in one system. Initially Greenvelope was launched as a weddings specific product, but as they gained more notoriety, they expanded the platform into digital correspondence and event marketing for a broader audience.

“My vision for Greenvelope was originally inspired by a desire to offer an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful paper invitations that still had all the design and aesthetic appeal of traditional paper. It wasn’t until a couple of years in that we realized how many businesses were signing up and using the product, and we saw the opportunity to create a solution tailored specifically for the needs of businesses and nonprofits.”

-Sam Franklin


From weddings to business and beyond, what has remained unchanged is Greenvelope’s mission to sustainability and giving back. From quarterly volunteer days to an office that literally doesn’t have a printer, the Greenvelope vision of sustainability is at the core of everything they do. Since day one they have donated a percentage of every sale to Mountains to Sound, a nonprofit organization that maintains forests in the Pacific Northwest, and as of 2014 are also proud members of 1% for the Planet.

Electronic Invitations Redefined 

With a focus on design, sustainability, and amazing customer service, Greenvelope unites beautiful designs and integrated event management through exclusive designer digital invitations, where clients are able to send personalized designer email invitations, organize event details, and track RSVPs all in one place. At Chef’s Roll presentation is everything, which is why we love to use Greenvelope for all of our event invitations.

Greenvelope has been featured on Geek WireThe Knot, Mashable, TechliHuffington Post and Business InsiderFind out how Greenvelope can help you make the most of your events and invitations by visiting Greenvelope.com.


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