Manuel Juliá

Boost and teach how to use local products with new ideas on how to use them
Foodie Soirée 2017: Foodie Soirées feature amazing food and drink, cutting-edge art installations; live performances by the region’s best dancers, musicians, singers and actors; tours of private art collections; chef demonstrations; and more.
Paella, Wine & Beer Festival: World Semifinal, the winner will compete in the Final that will be held in Valencia, Spain
San Diego Latino Film Festival - Sabor Latino: Celebrate Latino flavors and culture with us on Saturday, March 18th, 2017! We invite you to enjoy unlimited food tastings inspired by celebrated Latino chefs, as well as unlimited beer and wine tastings provided by over 20 of the best craft breweries and wineries from San Diego and Baja California! We’ll also have live music and art showcases all day!
Piib. Tijuana
Chef Owner. 2-3 yrs
Al Gusto TV Show. Tijuana, MX
Chef Instructor
Manuel Julia Catering. Tijuana, MX
Executive Banquet Chef. 3+ yrs
El Ahumador. Tijuana, MX
Executive Chef/ Owner
TV/radio guest appearances
Food industry consulting
Knife skills
Meat butchery
Menu development
Recipe development
Competition judging
Fish butchery
Staff training
Homemade pasta
Kitchen management

  • Learn how to make an authentic Paella Valenciana

  • Cucaracha shrimps

  • Shrimp burrito

  • Burger with zucchini salad

  • Gnocchis

  • Veal Ciabatta

  • Shrimp pasta

  • Beef & Seafood

  • Fried rice

  • Beef Bahn

  • Potato pizza

  • Shrimp aguachile

  • Chicken tacos

  • How to cook a steak

  • Skirt steak torta

  • How to open a coconut

  • Pibil tuna tostada

  • Korean beef fried rice

  • Palmetto aguachile

  • Chipotle samon tacos

  • Shrimp + Mushrooms

  • Achiote bbq pork chop

  • Mexican chicken pita

  • Noodles

  • Devil's shrimp

  • Beef Molcajete

  • Shrimp chilaquiles

  • Pumped up ceviche

  • Pork and cauliflower tacos

  • Calamari pasta

  • Flank steak with mushrooms

  • Huevos a la Mexicana

  • Chicken and shrimp Thai soup

  • Chicken caprese sandwich

  • Asian style salmon

  • Baked potato soup

  • Mere fish and chorizo stew

  • Warm mushroom salad

  • Chicken and beer chili

  • Srirache shrimp soup

  • Cordon blue chicken soup

  • White chocolate shrimp
  • Private clients
  • Centro Cultural Tijuana
  • Cetys Universidad
  • The Kitchen Project
  • MoPA
  • Private clients
  • Centro Cultural Tijuana
  • Cetys Universidad
  • The Kitchen Project
  • MoPA
Manuel Juliá
Manuel Juliá

Manuel Julia Catering
Executive Chef / Owner

I noticed that I really loved to cook since I was a kid, I would love to see my grandmother make dinner and always was asking how she did this and that.
When the time came to choose a career path I choose the corporate world and studied Economics at Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) but never stopped cooking for my friends and family, when I was working as an Economist I realized that it wasn't quite what I was passionate about, so I started pursuing a career in the food industry.

I went into Culinary School in Tijuana and took a course so I could sharpened my skills, were I prove to myself that I was passionate about cooking, after that I opened a catering business with my partner, were we went into smoking meats, that business led into opening a little restaurant in Tijuana called "El Ahumador" (The Smoker).

On parallel I created my own catering business, that until today is still on.

As of today, I'm a TV cooking show host where I get the opportunity to share new and exciting ideas on how to use everyday household ingredients.