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Cooking with animal-free Cream Cheese Sponsored by Perfect Day

What do bagels, crab rangoon, jalapeno poppers and cheesecake have in common?  

Cream cheese is the star of the show!  Now, for the first time ever, you can use animal-free cream cheese to make any cream cheese-based dish more sustainable and just as delicious as its traditional counterpart. 

Cream Cheese Fudge Brownies, Made with Perfect Day

Perfect Day developed a way to replicate delicious dairy products using the world’s first animal-free milk protein, made with fermentation – not cows. While the dairy industry has made strides to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, about 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to cattle. Animal-free cream cheese offers a sustainable option without sacrificing the taste and texture we all love.  

The Perfect Day Cream Cheese Challenge is your chance to get to know Perfect Day. 100 lucky Chefs will receive three pounds of Perfect Day’s animal-free cream cheese to create your favorite cheesecake or a savory appetizer like jalapeno poppers. Register today for a chance to participate and help build a kinder, greener world. 


  1. Register below by November 14th to be one of 100 chefs selected to receive a complimentary 3lb sample of Perfect Day Cream Cheese.*
  2. If chosen, develop and execute on an original recipe in either category (or both!). Categories include:
    1. Savory Cream-Cheese Based Dish
    2. Cheesecake
  3. Upload a high-quality, thumb-stopping photo of your creation to your public Instagram account by December 12th. Just tag @perfectdayfoods and use #animalfreecreamcheese.

Four winners will be announced on December 17th, and will take home custom “Cream Cheese” blades from Meglio Knives.

*Selection preference will be given to chefs with the ability to make or influence decisions within foodservice operations.


Looking for some plating inspiration? Watch Chef Mikel Anthony and Ana Paola De Anda show how they use Perfect Day Cream Cheese in the Test Kitchen in the video below.


Registration is now closed.

Official rules


There are two categories in this contest. Competitors can enter either or both.

In each category, two winners will be chosen by the judges – for a total of four winners.

The prize for each winner is a custom “Cream Cheese” themed blade from Meglio Knives, featuring a cream-cheese white handle. Approximate Retail Value: $350

Example Meglio Knife – Actual Prize will not be exactly as pictured.



Frustrated by the lackluster experience of vegan cream cheese options — and disheartened by the future of plant-based dairy – Perfect Day’s founder, Ryan Pandya started researching why milk was able to turn into cream cheese so much better than, say, soy milk. Serendipitously, he was connected with (his co-founder) Perumal Gandhi, who had been thinking the exact same thing halfway across the world.   

Fast forward 8 years, and Perfect Day is the leader in the development of animal-free milk protein that gives dairy products the same taste, texture and functionality of traditional products, but made more sustainably. 

Using less water, less energy and emitting less greenhouse gas than conventional dairy production, Perfect Day is more than just an ingredient, it’s a commitment to a kinder, greener future for all of us.  

Images courtesy Chef’s Roll and Perfect Day

Click here for full rules Note – some deadlines were initially advertised incorrectly. The page has been updated with correct information