We all need mentors.

Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege of meeting some of the most brilliant and experienced chefs in the world. We’re always itching to learn as much from them as possible. The wisdom that comes from experience is something we don’t take for granted.

We want to make those connections available to you too.

We all know the value of education, but it can be tough to find mentors to push us and keep us sharp.

Like Dear Abby. Just, less polite.

Think of this like “Dear Abby”, but a bit less polite.

We want you, our chef community, to send in your burning questions. Each month we’ll bring in a leading chef to answer them. What techniques do you want to learn about? What problems are you dealing with? What roadblocks have you encountered on your own road to becoming a top chef? Here’s some inspiration:

• Dear Chef, I have an employee that I really like. They get along great with the crew. They have a lot of talent. But lately, they’ve been slacking off. Showing up late, taking long breaks, not showing a ton of passion. I’ve already tried to address the situation, but nothing has changed. I’d really prefer not to fire them. What can I do to get them excited again?

• Dear Chef, My restaurant has been open for two years. When it opened we were always really busy. People loved the food and left great reviews. A few months ago, a really similar place opened up a block away. Since then, business has been drying up. People still say they love the food, but they aren’t buying it anymore. Help!

• Dear Chef, I’ve been working at the same joint for a few years as a sous chef. Recently, our head chef took another job, and I was promoted – but they didn’t make me a chef… My title is “Kitchen Manager”. I have all of the responsibility, but very little freedom. I don’t feel respected by the owners, or like I have a future here. However, without “chef” on my resume, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to get a better job anywhere else. What do I do?

How to submit your questions.


For now, we’ll be hosting Dear Chef on our Facebook page. We’ll let you know in advance via social media when these opportunities will be coming up.

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