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Snag The Crown Contest

Featuring Prosciutto di Parma

UPDATE: Registration is now closed. Thank you to everyone who registered.

Those who were selected will be notified soon!

Attention US-based chefs: Register below [registration now closed] for a chance to receive a free WHOLE LEG OF PROSCIUTTO and compete for the Prosciutto di Parma crown.

Many claim to be the best, but only a few have what it takes to become culinary royalty. In the Snag The Crown Contest, sponsored by Prosciutto di Parma, chefs will register to compete using the form below. After the registration period closes on May 10th, 12 chefs will be selected to receive a whole leg of Prosciutto di Parma and compete for amazing prizes including a custom cleaver with your own face engraved on it, as well as more prizes from True Cooks and Chef’s Roll!

If selected, you will be expected to use the prosciutto you receive to create a dish showcasing the beauty  & craftsmanship of this artisan protein alongside your culinary talents and inspiration. You will then be required to upload a hi-res, high-quality photo of your dish to our online submission portal. You are also encouraged to post it onto your public Instagram account, tagging @parmaham_usa and using #snagthecrowncontest

Once the entry deadline has been reached, the judges will select the prize winners!



Official Rules

Cooking & Preparation Inspiration from Chef Marco Maestoso:



  • A custom NORA Knife, featuring a blade engraved with an image of the winner “wearing” the Prosciutto di Parma crown – Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $450,
  • True Cooks gold tweezers – ARV: $23,
  • True cooks skateboard charcuterie board — ARV: $69,
  • CR swag pack (hat, bandana, coffee mug, wristband, sharpie, pin) — ARV: $35,
Prize knife may not be exactly as pictured. Prize knife will also feature custom etching depicting Grand Prize Winner crowned with the Prosciutto di Parma logo crown.


  • Nora Knives paring knife with crown logo engraved in blade — ARV: $250,
  • True Cooks matte black tweezers — ARV: $23,
  • CR swag pack — ARV: $35,
Misc prize items. Prize packs may not include all items shown here. (Grand prize will include gold tweezers. Runner Up prize will include black tweezers.)
NORA Paring Knife – Actual paring knife prize will not be exactly as pictured



Contest Timeline

1. Registration – April 27 – May 10 | Fill out the form below for a chance to compete!
2. Selection & Shipping – May 11 – May 31 | Alliance will select competitors to receive free samples and to compete.
3. Submissions – June 1 – June 14 | Create your dish and submit it, then post it on social media using #snagthecrowncontest
4. Judging and Announcement – June 22 (Winner announcements)


Prosciutto di Parma is known for its buttery texture, and salty but sweet flavor. This geographicly-protected product has an incredible history dating back to ancient Rome and sets the standard for cured ham around the world. It is cured for twice as long as other prosciuttos, creating an incredible depth of flavor and has no additives, hormones, or perservatives. Prosciutto di parma only comes from the highest quality Italian pigs and is always branded with the iconic Parma crown at the end of the curing process, signifying it is 100% natural, Italian-bred, pure cured ham.



Official Contest Rules