Transform Everyday Sauces and Condiments Into Premium Opportunities

Research shows that 89 percent of consumers are more likely to visit a restaurant with signature menu items, and of that, 52 percent are willing to pay more for house-made items.1

Entice customers to come in for a visit by pairing signature sauces and condiments with shareable appetizers. They will love having the freedom to be more adventurous by sampling a larger variety of menu items in smaller portions, and for you, it is an opportunity to fully utilize existing inventory and boost check averages with creative, profitable dishes.

This platform is also the perfect place to expose guests to on-trend ethnic flavors, as the National Restaurant Association (NRA) named ethnic condiments as one of the top 20 food trends for 2016.2 According to Technomic, the top ethnic condiments are:

1. North African (Dukka, Harissa and Sumac)

2. Korean (Gochujang)

3. Southeast Asian (Sambal)

4. Indian (Ghost Pepper)3

One way to bring these trends to life on your menu is with the Party Sampler Platter concept. In a recent test, this concept of mix and match appetizers paired with housemade dipping sauces ranked in the 100th percentile of concepts with Millennials.4 To build this signature appetizer, simply select a combination of unique appetizers, such as: arancini, tempura avocado, croquettes or fried vegetables. Then, offer those appetizers with a choice of handcrafted dipping sauces, such as: Thai Red Curry, Chipotle Cowboy Ketchup, Umami Mushroom Aioli or Adobo Crema.

Creating housemade sauces does not have to be time consuming. By adding a base or flavor concentrate, you can take any common commodity and turn it into a premium sauce. Simply whisk two ingredients together to be well on your way to a customizable appetizer that adds value to your menu and delights your guests.

With Minor’s® Ready to Flavor™ products, you can add an instant surge of flavor to sauces and condiments without the added step of cooking. Ready to Flavor bases and flavor concentrates are now ready-to-eat, so they are edible without any additional preparation to achieve food safety. Unlock your creativity and add distinctive flavor that commands a premium price point with Minor’s Ready to Flavor bases, concentrates and sauces.

See the full chef-developed Party Sampler Platter concept here.



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