Valrhona Chocolate Cremeux | Domaine Sante Smoked Meringue | Caramelized Plantain | Graham Cracker Ice Cream | Plated on Round ROOT® Board by Front of The House



Heat cream and whisk in glucose powder. Once simmered, take off heat and add bloomed gelatin. Mix well and pass thru chinois into desired mold or hotel pan. Cool.

Ice Cream

Steep graham crackers in milk and cream. Keep cold for about 4 hours.  Heat cream and milk together in a pot. Once simmering, slowly pour some into egg yolk and sugar mix to temper. Then add egg mixture into cream mix and heat until thickened. Strain thru a chinois and cool over ice bath. Once cooled, freeze. Spin in pacojet approximately 1-2 hours before serving. Cut plantains in half, and then punch out circles using a ring cutter. Dust lightly with sugar and lightly caramelize with a torch. Reserve.


Start by whipping egg whites. Slowly add a little bit of sugar and wine nectar as needed. Place in piping bag with desired tip.


Lay a long rectangle of cremeux on plate. Chocolate should be tempered to room temperature. Place a few plantain pieces around. Pipe meringue on chocolate and around and lighty toast with torch. Quenelle a scoop of ice cream on a small pile of graham cracker crumbs. Garnish with micro lavender.

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