18 | Philadelphia

Chef’s Roll’s traveling culinary competition, Chef’s Plate, hit the road again, this time to the home of the Liberty Bell, the best cheesesteaks you can find and the city of brotherly love – yes, Philly – where we saw two incredible chefs go head to head in a battle for the title. On April 15th, 2019, both chefs – Chef Townsend Wentz and Chef John Patterson –  cooked three courses for every lucky guest in the house at Caribou Café, a Philadelphia Parisian Bistro.

Both chef competitors were tasked with cooking an app, entree, and dessert with a French theme. Every course was plated on FOH plate ware showcasing an array of their impressive line of products. The meal featured pork from the National Pork Board and wines from Jean Luc Colombo. Though every dish was epic, ultimately Chef Townsend Wentz won over our guests with his culinary creations and took home the title of winner of Chef’s Plate: 18 Philly! Congrats chef! Scroll below to see all of the outstanding dishes our chefs created at the event.

Chef John Patterson • First Course: Pork Secreto, Scallop, Potato, Green Garlic
Chef Townsend Wentz • First Course: Lobster-Pork ‘en Crepinette’, Sautéed snow pea leaves, Black bean-XO lobster jus
Chef John Patterson • Second Course: Bone in pork chop, Fennel, Orange, Smoked oats
Chef Townsend Wentz • Second Course: tomahawk pork chop, Charred Ramps, Favas, Tomato conserve, Lardons, Sauce vierge
Chef John Patterson • Third Course: Salted butter cake, Chocolate cremeiux, Pistachio
Chef Townsend Wentz • Third Course: Caramelized chocolate mousse, Black olive-bacon crumble, Rosmarin chantilly

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