NZ Venison Recipe Contest – FINALISTS

Congrats to the finalists of the New Zealand Venison Recipe Contest! 🎉 A few weeks ago, we challenged 30 chefs from around the country to create original dishes showcasing New Zealand Venison Denver Leg.  Out of the many outstanding dishes were created for this contest, these 5 chefs blew our judges away and will be taking home a Chef’s Roll Apparel knife roll with two butcher blades from Mercer. Scroll below to see our finalists’ dishes and stay tuned until Friday Dec 23rd to find out which of these chefs will be chosen as our Grand Prize Winner!


Chef Britt Arlen

Venison Denver Leg Loin Medallion / Juniper, Lavender, Pink Peppercorn & Rosemary Roasted / Celeriac, Parsnip & Burgundy Truffle Espuma / Chanterelles / Herbed Rye Crisp / Pomegranate Bone Jus / Spruce Tip

Chef Sarah Betcher

Ssamjang Marinated Venison / Labneh / Miso Butter Pearl Onions & Beech Mushroom / Crispy Sourdough / Pickled Black Mustard / Fried Curry Leaves

Chef Tyler Despain

Sous Vide Venison Leg Loin / Preserved Orange Pieces / Curly Green Onions / Somen Noodles / Cantaloupe Black Pepper Broth

Chef Rosalie Phan

Inspired by Bò Tái Chanh to make a Vietnamese Venison Carpaccio — Seared Venison Denver Leg, pineapple lime gastrique, nước mắm fish sauce, fresh herb salad of Thai basil, mint, cilantro, and shallots, fried rice paper garnish.

Chef Justin Grimm

Venison Leg / Beet Chutney / Pickled Carrot / Kiwano  / Pistachio Gremolata / Purple Sprouts

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest. You can see all the incredible entries created for this contest at #NZVenisonContest on Instagram!